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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Target's Up & Up brushes! It's Finally Here!!! - Product Review

Yoohoo! Hhhuuurrraaahhhh! It's finally here! The Up & Up brushes from Target (which, may I add, this store is only found  in the USA). One, is a face set and the other one is a set for the eyes. Sad to say, there are still more of these brushes if you check out target's website ( These brushes were introduced to me through Emily's youtube channel (emilynoel83) do check her out she's such an amazing beauty guru. 
I usually commute from my work and one night, it was raining so hard and the bus that I usually ride was always full since I left from the office where I work is in rush hour time. So, I decided to go further from the bus stop point which is in Mu├▒oz to Trinoma edsa. Whenever, I went to Trinoma, I must admit (a guilty one there) I have stop overs hehehe. Like, going to Landmark to their beauty section. Went to their makeup section to see if there's anything new and going to the gifts section and lastly on the further right if you are standing at the entrance door of Landmark are the makeup brushes - singles and sets. From the my first look, I knew there were new ones. I was right, there I saw in the further section a familiar color and packaging. Yes! It's the Up & Up brushes from Target! Yehey! And the best part it's on 10% discount! I know all of you are excited to see what brushes that I got so, without any more delays. Here they are :

These what I bought...

First off... the complexion brush set

As you can see this set consists of 4 brushes - the angle blush brush, foundation brush, concealer brush and the setting brush which are needed for a flawless makeup finish for the face. It says in the box it's a full sized brushes which I did a comparison of my other face brushes as you scroll down below. The body of brushes has this slight rough texture like, silver colored handle for non-slippery. The bristles are synthetic perfect for powder, mineral or liquid type of makeup. 

It also includes a black pouch perfect to put your brushes for traveling, an easy carry on travel brush set. Isn't it great?!

Okay, on with the brushes that includes in the set...

First, the angle blush brush. In the box it says... add a touch of color to the apple of the cheeks. 
For me, this brush is not only for blush use but also you can use this as an overall setting brush or for powder contouring or sometimes as a highlighting brush. 

Comparing to : (from left to right) Coastal scents blush brush, Up & Up angle blush brush and Real techniques Multi-Task brush. *Sorry for the dirty brushes, I just used them this morning*

The bristles are not large nor small, it's just the right size for your cheeks or for contouring or all over face.

A comparison to my Coastal scents angle blush brush.

The next one is the foundation brush. It says, create a flawless base.

There are other uses for this brush aside as a foundation brush. It is also great for cream contouring or highlighting or cream blushes. Great for blending on under eye concealer.

Comparison : The bristles are smaller in size compared to Coastal scents foundation brush (left) but a littler larger on ELF essential foundation brush (right). *Again, sorry for the dirty brushes*

The bristles are also soft but less dense and a little longer compared to other foundation brushes that have shorter bristles but I like in a flat foundation brush that has longer bristles for easy control of blending without leaving line streak of liquid foundation on your face. 

The third one is the Setting brush and it says, create an airbrushed finish by setting powdered makeup.

Additional comparison : (from top to bottom) ELF essential foundation brush, Real techniques setting brush, Up & Up foundation brush, Coastal scents foundation brush, ELF studio blush brush.

You can also use this as a blush brush or highlighter brush.

The bristles are so soft but dense enough.

Lastly is the concealer brush. It says, smooth concealer under eyes and camouflage problem areas. 
I think this is perfect for packing cream foundation or cream concealer to blemishes or acne. Also, can be use as putting eyeshadow for under eyebrow highlight too.

Now for a comparison to my other brushes (lower left to top right) Ecotools eyeshadow brush, Coastal scents C433 pro blending fluff - which by the way this brush is also a great dupe for the famous MAC 217 blending brush, Up & Up concealer brush, ELF studio blending brush - I do have a video review on here and Real techniques pointed foundation brush

The bristles are soft but dense like other concealer brush.

The other one that I bought is the eyeshadow set.

Comparison on my other eyeshadow brushes (from left to right) Coastal scents C433 pro blending fluff, Real techniques base shadow brush, ELF studio eyeshadow "C" brush, Up & Up eyeshadow and smudge brush respectively, ELF essential eyeshadow brush and Ecotools eyeshadow brush.

Up & Up eyeshadow brush (left) and smudge brush (right). Both of them are perfect for packing eyeshadows whether loose or pigment or powder or pressed eyeshadow. The eyeshadow brush (left) is also perfect for blending on the crease while the smudge brush (right) is great for smudging eyeshadow if you want for a softer upper lashline liner or for lower lashline.

Another closer look comparison.

Looking at a different side angle you can see how they are pinched and thickness of the bristles.

And that is it guys, what do you think of these brushes? 

If you want to know more of other Up & Up brushes do check out on Target 's website 

Not only makeup brushes but they also have cotton pads, baby wipes and a lot more.

Hopefully, their other products will soon be available here.

Peppermint Crinkles' Approval : 5/5 

Just some nibbles to chew :
     *This is a sad news to all of you but my little baby Trixee had passed away last Sept. 20, 2015. I was out grocery shopping with my sisters when I came back she was gone! our weekly laundry maid said that morning she wasn't eating so well and told me that she kind of nakaligtaan (kindly google it)  to inform me (what kind of reason is that???) but I can't bring back the time - I have a feeling of resentment towards her , our boy told us that she just pooped and vomits blood then just losing breath and weak and that's it! I am really not yet over of the grief I am still feeling right now. She'll be 4 yrs old (in human age) this coming december. I am really looking forward to spent more time with her this coming holidays. But I guess God have a reason. I feel so depressed. Do you have any suggestions in overcoming this kind of depression?