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Monday, December 26, 2016

Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadow

Hi, everyone! A few days ago, I think a week ago, I posted on my blog about ColourPop lippie stix in "Pillowtalk". I really got impressed by their lippie stix that I said to myself I've got to try their other products too. I've heard so much about their eyeshadows that I want to go get some.

I bought 3 (three) eyeshadows mostly it leans more on neutral tones almost like on the same family shade range.

Net Weight : 2.1g / 0.07 oz (each eyeshadow)

Inside the outer packaging it has a purple color while the outer is packaged in white box.

The eyeshadow is packed in a matte white circular package with a twisted cap. The name Colourpop is printed on a transparent cap which you can easily see the shades of the each eyeshadow while the printed name is holographic (oooh, I love holographic) isn't she beautiful?

At the back is where the name of the eyeshadow, the finish, net weight & the distributor printed.

The shades I bought are : Hanky Panky, Flutes & Cornelious.

The first eyeshadow is Hanky Panky - in the website is a light matte warm beige. 

As you can see the swatch, it almost invisible on the back of my hand. It clearly matches on my skin tone. This one is really good for a light wash application for your eyelid especially for those with yellow undertone.

The next eyeshadow I bought is Cornelious which the website describes as a warm caramel in a matte finish. 

This one is a more darker than hanky panky & it's like a lighter shade of camel color.

The third eyeshadow that I bought (for now hahaha) is Flutes which the website describes as a mid-tone matte yellow brown. I also saw from other beauty bloggers, it's more of a sepia shade. I believe this is a great dupe for the discontinued MAC eyeshadow in "Uninterrupted"

Overall, I was so impressed with the eyeshadows. The texture is so buttery & soft & very pigmented. I highly recommend you to try them. 

Thanks for dropping by. 'Til next time.


Mary Ann

Sunday, December 25, 2016

NOTD : My Golden Nails in time for the Holiday

Holiday season for me is my most favorite season in the whole year. This is the year when everyone is happy in spite of challenges, hardships & depressions. This is the time when everyone is smiling eventhough a complete stranger. Though it's a lot more colder still you can feel that warmth in the air. 

I am also excited when beauty brands have their holiday collection & one of the brand that caught my eye is Essie nail polish. Of all the shades they released, this one really became my favorite.

Essie Getting Groovy - a gold metallic foil like shade. It has glittery gold christmas-sy shade into it that from the first I saw the swatches from other beauty blogger I fell in love with it.

The gold shade really stands out & a perfect for the holiday. I wore this on our annual christmas party where I work & I just love it so much!

Have you seen the latest Essie 2016 Holiday Collection?

Thanks for reading. 'Til next time.


Mary Ann

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pili in my lip products?! - YUMMY!

Whenever I go to Bicol in my mother's hometown or any relative of mine. I always ask for a pasalubong hahaha (shameful me no?). I always ask for pili nuts one of my favorite food especially when it is coated with powdered white sugar not the brown ones. A big 160 gms bottle of it, I could see eating it in just one sitting (obviously, I am a sweet tooth person). But when someone gave me a makeup that the main ingredients came from the Pili tree! Isn't that amazing? As we all know essential oils are good for moisturizing & maintains & firms the elasticity of our skin. Pili oil is no difference from other essential oils & the good news of it is that it's locally available here in the Philippines. 

PILI Products is a locally made products that the main & active ingredients are the Pili oil & Elemi oil discovered by an organic agricultural advocate Rosalina "Rose" S. Tan & with the help of a team of scientists & experts, these discovered oils were carefully extracted from the fruits & resin of the Pili tree with the help of a team of scientists & experts.

I first saw this brand from a TV show that I was watching in the bus while commuting to work. I first thought that they are talking about Pili nuts (food) but they are talking the other way around, it's about skincare & beauty products that's made from the oils coming from the Pili tree (silly me, always thinking about food hahaha). Any who, I got interested to try them but I wasn't able to get the website or the name of the store where they are selling the products because I have to got off the bus or I will miss the bus stop. So, I mentally instructed myself to search for it on the internet but that day I was so busy that I forgot all about it until a friend of ours gave me some of their products yey! Here are the products that I've got & tested it on. 

What I got are a lip balm, a lipstick & a lipgloss. All of them are in perfect combination. I can wear each alone or put them altogether. Nice!

The first one is the lip balm in Blushed Pink which is encased in a usually lip balm case. A cylindrical tube with a twisted cap & by getting the product you have to twisted the bottom counter clockwise.

It's a dark pink shade in the tube but when you swatched it, it lightens so don't be scared of the shade.

The next one is the Lipstick in Bordeaux, encased in a soft tree bark like round tube which is differ from the usual lipstick case that is metal & plastic. Aaannnd a beautiful purple lips mark, how beautiful.

The shade is a deep burgundy red with a pink undertone in it that I fell in love with immediately when I saw the shade. There's a vintage-ish feel to it like Marilyn Monroe - ish. 

And lastly, the Lip & Cheek tint in Latte.

Has a doe foot applicator, the shade is more of a warm reddish brown that when you blend it on your cheeks it turns into a more nude-y pink depending on your skin tone which is good!

Swatches : (left) Lipstick in Bordeaux, (center) Lip & Cheek Stain in Latte & (right) Lip Balm in Blushed Pink.

Here, I am wearing their lip balm in "Blushed Pink"

On my cheeks the lip & cheek stain in "Latte" - I just put them lightly on my cheeks

Me, wearing the lip & cheek stain in "Latte"

This is me wearing all the three lips products, lip balm then, lipstick & lipgloss on top.

Overall, all  of them have this essential pili oil scent, a very slight & mild one for those who are scent sensitive person. They are very moisturizing & pigmented too! It doesn't dry your lips nor leaves your lips a peeling problem. I love it! Not only did they do makeup products but also skincare ones like lotions, essential oils, bath soap & deodorant which I must try them soon.

Have you tried Pili Products? Love to hear what you think.

Thanks for stopping by!


Mary Ann

You can reach them here :

Website :

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Friday, December 16, 2016

Smoky Eyeshadows by H & M Swatches & Reviews

H & M is known worldwide as one of the fashion trendsetter store that have a highly quality of clothes but with a more affordable price range. You can find the latest fashion clothes that's not a pain in the pocket. I thought that's it but when I got a christmas gift from one of my friend, I was surprised to receive an eye shadow palette by H & M for a smoky look. Wow! I thought to myself, they are not just into clothing fashion but beauty trendsetter as well & I was so happy to learn that info. I quickly opened the palette & began swatching each eye shadow & boy, I was so impressed by the pigmentation & color payoff of each that I can't wait to try them next day. 

The palette comes in a plastic case with the a transparent cover so that I you easily identify & see the shades which consists of 5 different shades. Mine, I got from white to grey to taupe to dark black shades. 
Net Weight : 0.26 oz / 7 g

At the back of the palette are the ingredients of each eye shadow. They are just labeled numbers, they don't have names compares to other makeup brands which they gave a name on each shade.

Here are the swatches of each of the eye shadow & by the looks of it, each are pigment & all are in shimmer finish perfect for a combination look or just one shade eye look.

Overall, loving this palette. Best for both daytime smokey look or evening look. 

How about you? Have you tried H & M Smoky Eye shadow Palette?


Mary Ann

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Jordana Eye Primer Eyeshadow Base Swatches & Review

As you all know, I've been telling you in my previous posts of how oily my eyelids are & that you are probably sick of reading it over & over again hahaha. One of my concern when doing makeup (I should probably do a post of things that I can't live without or essential makeup products that I can't skip when doing morning routine) is a very good eye primer. I've done a post of my Top 3 Favorites : Eye Primer HERE but only one (1) is a drugstore item & the rest are both a little expensive & probably not in your budget range so, I kept on looking for more drugstore brand plus more affordable product. One of them, I discovered a few months back is the Jordana Eye Primer Eyeshadow Base which from the name itself tells so much. An eye primer & an eyeshadow base in one which is a plus! 

I've been eyeing this for quite sometime now but I kind of having second thoughts since, I already have my favorites, my holy grail products I must say but you know when you are a makeup addict & sometimes when you are in a tight budget situation & you run out of money to buy expensive ones that sometimes you end up buying a drugstore brand just because you need it & end up disliking it. Oh, bummer right? But you know, there are times you have to take a risk just like in life, taking risks & learning from those mistakes. Anywho, back to this. Like I've said, I've been eyeing this for quite sometime now since the day I saw this from a local mall where I go beauty shopping 😄 And I've heard so much about Jordana Cosmetics from other beauty gurus in Youtube that I want to try & test out their products. Aaaannnd one of them is their eye primer. I've also searched from other beauty bloggers that this is a good dupe for the famous MAC paint pot in Painterly. So, let's jump right in.

The product is encased in a circular black plastic case with the twisted cap is transparent with a Jordana logo printed in the center.

At the bottom of the case is the name & shade 01 (actually has only one shade available).
Net weight : 0.07 oz / 1.86 g

The shade is a skin tone shade which is not suited for all skin types. This is perfect to pale to light to medium skin tone. Upon getting the product, you need to press deeper to get some product & it's not creamy like the MAC paint pots so, I suggest you use your finger to apply the product on your lids. Though, it's not hygienic because you are using the warm of your finger to get some product so, make sure your fingers are clean before dipping into the product. When you apply on your eyelids, I suggest do a patting motion not in a swiping motion to evens out the product application. 

I've applied this on my bare eyelids meaning, no foundation, setting powder nor another eye primer & let it stay all day. After work, when I got home, like for about 8 hours later after application, I saw a complete creasing & there's nothing on my upper lids just bare. I've also tested this on & applied with eye shadows on top & by the end of the day it creases! Also, I've noticed after a few days of using, the product becomes hard & sticky that you need to rub your finger on the product in a circular motion, let the warm of your finger melts the product so that you can pick up some of it. Though, it has no scent which is good for those sensitive eyes like mine but to say it's an eye primer. I guess, to be honest, it's not earning to what it says. It can be an eye shadow base though.

Overall, I am not happy with the product. It's a miss for me. I've compared the shade to my MAC Painterly paint pot. It's exactly the same shade but it's not creamy. It creases by the end of the day with or without an eye shadow applied on top. For the price, it's good but for it's quality - I'd say more of an eye shadow base.

Well, have you tried this primer? If so, what do you think?

Thank you for dropping by guys! 


Mary Ann

Disclaimer :  I bought this product with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with the said company. Everything written in my blog is in my most honest opinion & point of view.