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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

My Makeup Treasure-Trove : MAC Paintpot - additional Wishlist!

MAC paint pots - one of my favorite products from MAC. They have a wide variety of shades fit for any skin tone both permanent and once in a while they would have limited edition ones.

I love them so much because : 
            A.) I never had any problem of creasing during the entire day when I applied it on my oily lids. 
          B.) A combination of primer and base in one. Perfect for a very quick eye makeup look whether a natural look, smokey look or grudge-y look. 

I have a lot of MAC paintpots in my collection  You can check them HERE. As I have mentioned in my previous post, I have a few more shades in my wishlist and here they are.

MAC paint pot 

The shades of MAC paint pot on my wish list are : From bottom left (clockwise) Groundwork, Tailor Grey & Quite Natural.

As you can see in the swatches above how opaque and pigmented they are. Tailor Grey obviously is more grey in shade, it's a cool toned one & matte . Goundwork & Quite Natural are both in the same brown family but for me Groundwork is a cool toned brown with a  hint of grey undertone & with slight of shimmer while Quite Natural is a warm dark brown & it's matte. 

So, have you tried MAC paint pots? What are the shades that you have?


Mary Ann

Thursday, March 30, 2017

My Makeup Treasure-Trove : MAC Paint Pots

It's been a long time since I posted a topic in my treasure trove, this post have been ready for quite some time & haven't uploaded it yet. So, here it is. One of my favorite multi-use product are the MAC paint pots. I have included this in My Top 3 Favorite : Multi-Use Products, you can read my post HERE. As you can see, I have grown to love MAC paint pots because it not only adds oomph to my eye shadows but I can wear them without worrying of creasing or fading & it also acts as an eye primer to me even though of my oily lids. 

My Makeup Treasure-Trove : MAC Paint Pots

I have a total of 7 paint pots & still I have more on my wishlists hahaha. 

SOFT OCHRE - A beige shade in yellow tone & in matte finish. Perfect to neutralize dark eye lids.

PAINTERLY - A nude shade with pinkish tone & a matte finish. This is a universal shade fit for every skin tone. Also a perfect shade for an everyday simple look, this can go with just a stand alone on your lids or putting an eye shadow on top.

LET ME POP - A frosted golden peach, this was a limited edition shade & kind of have a love, hate relationship with this. This is so sheer upon application & the shade disappear, it end up just glitter on your lids & it's very sticky. I usually end up applying this on top of my eye shadow by tapping it on top.

VINTAGE SELECTION - This is an old formula, I bought this a while ago. The shade is a brownish peach & a frost finish. It has a sheer application with a little shimmer on my lids.

RUBENESQUE - One of my most favorite paint pot from my treasure-trove. It's a a golden peach in a pearl finish. It gives an added oomph for your shimmer eye shadow on the lids especially on beige, pearl or champagne shades. 

ECLAIR - Oh, this is also my favorite every day use aside from the name which got my attention at first place because of its chocolate name. It can be use alone or you can put an eye shadow on top of it. A perfect for a one eye shade look & it's great for any FOTD. This is also good in balancing your makeup look, a versatile one - for day time or evening look. A light golden chocolate-y shade with a little shimmer on it & in a pearl finish. I love putting an eye shadow taupe shade on top of this like the Catrice single eye shadow in My Copperware Plate. This was released in MAC Baking Beauties Collection, a limited edition, sad to say. This is a lighter shade than MAC Quite Natural but it's a matte finish, a little similar to MAC Constructivist but a little darker & more metallic brown. It's quite similar to Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Rich Mahogany but this one was also limited edition :( Hopefully, MAC would put this in their permanent line like the Let's Skate, Vintage Selection or Dangerous Cuvee - let's cross our fingers.

NUBILE - It's a light peachy beige & in a matte finish. I think it's like an in-between with Painterly & Soft Ochre if ever they have a child hahaha. A great neutral base & a versatile too. A limited edition which is sad, released in MAC Posh Paradise Collection. I use this when I don't feel like using Painterly. 

Here are the swatches of my 7 MAC paint pots, as of now.

My wishlist : Groundwork, Quite Natural & Tailor Grey (see how I am a sucker for anything neutral or taupe?)

So, have you tried MAC paint pots? Love to hear them what you think.


Mary Ann

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Jordana Eye Primer Eyeshadow Base Swatches & Review

As you all know, I've been telling you in my previous posts of how oily my eyelids are & that you are probably sick of reading it over & over again hahaha. One of my concern when doing makeup (I should probably do a post of things that I can't live without or essential makeup products that I can't skip when doing morning routine) is a very good eye primer. I've done a post of my Top 3 Favorites : Eye Primer HERE but only one (1) is a drugstore item & the rest are both a little expensive & probably not in your budget range so, I kept on looking for more drugstore brand plus more affordable product. One of them, I discovered a few months back is the Jordana Eye Primer Eyeshadow Base which from the name itself tells so much. An eye primer & an eyeshadow base in one which is a plus! 

I've been eyeing this for quite sometime now but I kind of having second thoughts since, I already have my favorites, my holy grail products I must say but you know when you are a makeup addict & sometimes when you are in a tight budget situation & you run out of money to buy expensive ones that sometimes you end up buying a drugstore brand just because you need it & end up disliking it. Oh, bummer right? But you know, there are times you have to take a risk just like in life, taking risks & learning from those mistakes. Anywho, back to this. Like I've said, I've been eyeing this for quite sometime now since the day I saw this from a local mall where I go beauty shopping 😄 And I've heard so much about Jordana Cosmetics from other beauty gurus in Youtube that I want to try & test out their products. Aaaannnd one of them is their eye primer. I've also searched from other beauty bloggers that this is a good dupe for the famous MAC paint pot in Painterly. So, let's jump right in.

The product is encased in a circular black plastic case with the twisted cap is transparent with a Jordana logo printed in the center.

At the bottom of the case is the name & shade 01 (actually has only one shade available).
Net weight : 0.07 oz / 1.86 g

The shade is a skin tone shade which is not suited for all skin types. This is perfect to pale to light to medium skin tone. Upon getting the product, you need to press deeper to get some product & it's not creamy like the MAC paint pots so, I suggest you use your finger to apply the product on your lids. Though, it's not hygienic because you are using the warm of your finger to get some product so, make sure your fingers are clean before dipping into the product. When you apply on your eyelids, I suggest do a patting motion not in a swiping motion to evens out the product application. 

I've applied this on my bare eyelids meaning, no foundation, setting powder nor another eye primer & let it stay all day. After work, when I got home, like for about 8 hours later after application, I saw a complete creasing & there's nothing on my upper lids just bare. I've also tested this on & applied with eye shadows on top & by the end of the day it creases! Also, I've noticed after a few days of using, the product becomes hard & sticky that you need to rub your finger on the product in a circular motion, let the warm of your finger melts the product so that you can pick up some of it. Though, it has no scent which is good for those sensitive eyes like mine but to say it's an eye primer. I guess, to be honest, it's not earning to what it says. It can be an eye shadow base though.

Overall, I am not happy with the product. It's a miss for me. I've compared the shade to my MAC Painterly paint pot. It's exactly the same shade but it's not creamy. It creases by the end of the day with or without an eye shadow applied on top. For the price, it's good but for it's quality - I'd say more of an eye shadow base.

Well, have you tried this primer? If so, what do you think?

Thank you for dropping by guys! 


Mary Ann

Disclaimer :  I bought this product with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with the said company. Everything written in my blog is in my most honest opinion & point of view. 

Monday, July 18, 2016

Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer Swatches & Review

If you've been following my blog, you'll noticed that I've been posting "My Top 3 Favorite" from foundation, eye shadows all the way to summer essentials. Then I also tackle face primers & one of them is Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer. 

A primer is like a barrier between your moisturizer & your foundation. The purpose of this is to improve coverage & lengthen the amount of time the cosmetics lasts on the face. It acts as a primary coat to your face as it evens out the surface of your face so that after applying a foundation it would have a smooth finish. Primers have 2 different types - water based & a silicone based. Some contains sun screen protection, some don't. There are a lot of different kinds of a primer - there are primers that are like moisturizers, primers that gives a matte appearance or like the one I am about to do a review, gives a luminous appearance.

Packaging : Comes in a squared glass bottle in goldish bronze color, the cap is plastic (upon checking on their website this is an old packaging)

Comes in a pump form which is good to prevent from the product to spill & a controlled usage of the product as well.

The product comes in a bronze-y color but when blended it turns to a luminous shade that give a perfect glow & a water-based formula perfect for very oily skin or to those folk with sensitive skin for silicone based.

Overall : I love this primer because it gives a dewy glow even though it's a water based formula. I usually use this & the very first thing that comes to my mind when my face looks dull, lots of blemish & redness especially those times when my face is so oily hence, one of my top 3 favorite primers to use. 

How about you? Have you tried this primer? Care to share your thoughts?

Thank you for stopping by!


Mary Ann

Peppermint Crinkles' Approval : 5/5

Disclaimer : I bought this product with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with this company. All written in my blog is in my honest opinion & point of view.

Product Name : Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer No. 1 Even Skin

Product Edition : Permanent but the packaging has changed. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Top 3 Favorite : Multi-Use Products

Hello, everyone! Time for "My Top 3 Favorite" and this time I'll be talking about Multi-Use products. When I say Multi-use it means you can use it in more ways. In other words, the product can be use as highlighter, bronzer, primer or base or sometimes as a blush or a gloss or lipstick.  I only use products that can be applied on the different parts of my face except on my lips which I rarely use. I only applied lip balm, lipgloss or lipstick on my lips and nothing else. Before we continue, I've already posted some of My Top 3 Favorites : Face Primer Part 1 and Part 2Eye Primer and the latest is Eye Base

Here are the products that I considered as my multi-use products.

Left - ELF Shimmering Facial whip  shown here is the shade Spotlight which is still available in their permanent line which can be use as a highlighter or just for a few drops because this one is so shimmery an illuminator by mixing to your favorite foundation and on Right - is the ELF All Over Cover Stick  shown here is the shade Toasted which sad to say they discontinued it. I use this as a cream contour or sometimes as a cream highlight just by applying it on the top of my cheekbones very lightly or I use this as an eye base. 

Next one is the only cream color base that I have (as of the moment hahaha, because I am planning to add more CCB in my makeup treasure-trove - it's on my wishlist Pearl, Hush and Shell) This one is really a multi-use product (as seen on the MAC website) I use it as a highlight or a blush (depending on the shade of your CCB) or an eyebase.

The shade that I have is Seaside from the MAC Me Over Collection, the shade is a rosy-peach with shimmer.

Last but not the least - MAC Paint Pots  shown here are the shades Eclaire, Rubenesque and Nubile. I use this as an eye base or sometimes as a primer. At times when my eyelids doesn't gets oily especially during colder season, I tend to wear this as a primer and base in one without a problem of creasing and fading. I'll be posting a different blogpost of my collection of these paint pots.

Overall, having multi-use products helps a lot in many ways. Travel friendly because you don't need to bring a couple of products just for getting a FOTD or EOTD. It saves times because you can perform in applying makeup on your face in one step instead of two or three steps and money because you won't have to spend so much money in buying products for each makeup step like bronzer, blush or eye look.

So, do you have multi-use products? Do share them to me by writing on the comment box below.

Thanks for reading!


Mary Ann 

Disclaimer : I bought them with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with the company. All written in my blog is in my utmost honest opinion.

Monday, June 6, 2016

My Top 3 Favorite : Eye Primer

Hi, everyone! As you know I have a very oily lids that I have creasing problem and fading problem of eyeshadow without even last for half a day. In my last post  I have emphasized about how face primers are important and that includes eye primers. During those firsts that I've tried makeup - applying eyeshadows particularly, it tends to crease and the color fades. Tried every brand but it always ends up creasing or fading. Many times I've heard beauty gurus talked about eye primers and yet stubborn me, I kept on ignoring. Until, I've tried one. And that, I've learned the hard way. Of course, I didn't just stick to one eye primer but tried a few and here are they that I've come to love.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Original and Champagne (left portion), Urban Decay Primer Potion (top right portion) and ELF eyelid primer (bottom right potion)

Swatches (with added direct lighting) From left to right - Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Champagne and Original, Urban Decay Primer Potion and ELF eyelid primer

Swatches (with lesser lighting) From left to right - From left to right - Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Champagne and Original, Urban Decay Primer Potion and ELF eyelid primer

What about you guys? Do you have oily eyelids? Do you use eye primers? If so, what are your favorites?


Mary Ann

Disclaimer : I bought them with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with this company. Everything is written in my honest opinion

Sunday, June 5, 2016

My Top 3 Favorite Face Primer : Part 2

For my Part 2 of My Top 3 Favorite Face Primer - a mixture of high end and drugstore brand. Before that here's my post of my Part 1 of My Top 3 Favorite Face Primer. Ok, let's get started with my Part 2 shall we?

Primers is a very essential and important step after moisturizer and before applying makeup because it's a step that give protection to your face from the ingredients coming from your makeup which may be harsh on your skin. It's like a barrier between your favorite moisturizer and your favorite foundation.

Me, I have very oily skin and it gets more oily on summer days but a little drier on colder days. Primers have two bases - silicone and aqua. I was blessed that my face is not too sensitive, so I can try different primers without ever have to worry if I might end up with blemishes. Though, in rare times my face is too sensitive.

Now, onto my next favorite face primers.

From left to right - Laura Mercier in oil free and radiance, Loreal True Match (which I have done a review HERE do check it out) and PIXI Flawless Beauty Primer in No. 1 Even Skin

Laura Mercier - I first heard this primer from one of my favorite Youtube Gurus - the Pixiwoo Sisters where they started using the Tinted Moisturizer. This primer is a water base, good for every skin types. I use the Oil Free Primer during times when my face is oily that gives a matte effect and the Radiance one is when my face is so dull like I haven't gotten enough beauty sleep which gives my face a silky glow. Just an added trivia for those beauty lovers and enthusiasts, Gurwitch Products who owns Laura Mercier is being acquired by Shiseido - a Japan based firm brand known for producing skin care, hair care, cosmetics and fragrance products. That also, owns NARS, Cl'e de Peau, Ipsa and Bare Minerals (whew!). That is something we look forward to of Laura Mercier in the near future now that Shiseido owns it.

Loreal True Match  - A creamy formula that gives a blur effect which helps when my face is having a bad times like redness and blemishes. I did an in-depth review on this, just click the "HERE" located above to lead you on my post.

PIXI Flawless Beauty Primer  - A cream, water based formula which gives a light, glow sheen on your face. In fact, I can wear this alone and just apply concealer and good to go. Pixi have other range of primers but this one I love the most though, this glass bottle is an old packaging. Last time I've checked on their website they changed the packaging to tube size. I'll be posting an in-depth review on this soon. (Do watch out for that).  

Swatches : From top to bottom on the back of my hand - Laura Mercier foundation primer Oil Free and Radiance, Loreal True Match Blur Cream and PIXI Flawless Beauty Primer

Well, what primers are you using? Love to hear them.

Thanks for stopping by.


Mary Ann

Disclaimer : I bought them with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with the companies. Everything I've said in this post is in my honest opinion.

My Top 3 Favorite Face Primer : Part 1

Hi, Beauty Gurlz! It's time for My Top 3 Favorite. This time I'll show you my fave Face Primer but I'll cheat because I do find more than 3 favorites so, first Part 1 and later this week my other favorite face primers. 

From left to right - Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser, Beauty UK prime FX, Essence UV Base in Correcting (lilac colored tube) and Moisturizing (white colored tube)

Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser  -  A silicone base primer drugstore product. An affordable item for those oily skin like me. One of the must-haves in your makeup stash. Known as a good dupe for Smashbox primer. I have one for myself and another I use this on my clients before I put makeup on them.

Beauty UK Prime FX  - Another silicone base primer, a UK brand that I was so happy I bought this from one of my online seller. I'm wishing this will be available here. I use this everyday before applying my foundation. A high street brand in the UK, you might consider this another dupe for Smashbox primer too.

Essence UV Base  - ahhh  Essence - a high street brand in Europe, the  lilac one is Correcting, I use this when there are time my face have discoloration and the white one is Moisturizing where I use this in colder season when my face is a little bit dry and needs more moisturizing. Both of them have liquid finish and it's a water base formula.

Swatches : (From left to right) Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser, Beauty UK Prime FX and Essence UV base

Overall : The Maybelline and the Beauty UK primer are perfect for very oily skin people like me. I usually use this sometimes on occasions/events especially during summer days when my face is so oily.
The Essence UV base is good for all skin types. 
I find all of these primers makes your makeup last throughout the day without any fading or patches of the foundation.

How about you? What are your favorite Face Primers. Love to read them on the comments below. 

Next, Part 2 of my Favorite Face Primers

Thank you for stopping by.


Mary Ann

Disclaimer : I bought them with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with this company. Everything I said in this blog post is my at most honest opinion.

Monday, April 11, 2016

I Fell in Love with this Primer...

Last time, I did a blog post of one of the things I bought from Loreal when it was on summer sale. And here is the other one that I bought. I've heard so much about this from other beauty gurus that I got to thinking and wishing that this would soon be available here. My wish came true and when I saw that this was on sale, I snatched it immediately and was so happy I was able to get one!

Packaging : The product contained in a light pink colored thin tube with a silver colored coated cap. It's under their "True match" range.

Above the cap a "micro-blur technology" printed in black.

At the back of the tube you will see what the company claims and the usage as well the ingredients and the net weight in 25ml.

One of the main ingredients is Dimethicone - so if you have oily skin or combo this product is good for you. Though, for those who have sensitive to dimethicone I would suggest this is not for you to use I'm afraid.

The product has a tinge of brown color.

But when you blend it, turns to sheer like color.

On the left side on the back of my hand, you would see my veins kind of disappeared a little so it says something when you applied it on your face. For those who have a bad skin day, it helps blur those blemishes and lightens redness. 

Have you tried Loreal True Match blur cream primer? If so, what do you think?

Mary Ann

Final Thoughts :  For my oily skin, I like this product though a little expensive for a drugstore but still affordable. I've tested this on my face and just a tiny pea size is enough for my entire face so, a little goes a long way everyone. I like the way my face looks after applying this and then my putting my foundation on top. The result have this smooth even skin and I fell in love with it right away.

Peppermint Crinkles' Approval : 4/5

Disclaimer : I paid this product and I am not affiliated with this company.

Product Name : Loreal True Match Blur Cream

Product Edition : Permanent

What it is : A face primer for those who have oily skin or combo.

Where to Buy : All beauty stores nationwide (Philippines)

Would I recommend it : Yes!!!

Like them on Facebook :  Loreal Paris Philippines