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Saturday, December 3, 2016

My Top 5 Fave : Pink Lipsticks

Time for my Top Faves!!! As you all know, for those who have been following me have seen my previous posts but to those who are new; here are the links for my other Top Faves : Lipsticks.

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In this post, I must admit I have to cheat a bit. Instead of the usual My Top 3 Fave, it will be My Top 5 Fave.

I just love pink shades or am I just a sucker for pinks or what!?!?!

I don't like pink shades before because for me wearing pinks usually is a type of a person that leans more on feminine. I am a little boyish to be honest but recently some of the brands that I like introduces pink shades that I begin to like & love as it suits my skin tone. 

One of my Top Fave Pink Lipsticks is from a drugstore brand : Maybelline. I love this brand. Maybelline Colorsensational in Pink Freeze is a light shimmery pink when I applied this on my lips it's more of a neutral pink with high shimmers. It's like applying pink lipgloss which I love, love, love!

NYC lipstick in Fragile Pink. Now, I discovered this from one of my favorite Beauty Guru in youtube "The Makeup Chair" She use this shade when she did a makeup tutorial and boy, the instant I saw this I fell in love. A very subtle light pink with a frosty finish. This shade is suitable for a day makeup to night makeup. This is one of the pink shade that's a perfect match to a smokey look. And I guess this suits for every skin tone. I love wearing wearing this lipstick whenever I try new smokey looks.

NYX Lip smacking Fun colors in Paris is Barbie pink shade. Another of those pinks that is good for daytime wear or night parties. This lipstick shade is also good for a light smokey look too!

MAC Venus is a cool toned subtle pink with a little shimmer. I also considered this as a neutral pink because when applied on my lips it's like MLBB (my lips but better) shade. Great also for daytime wear or night time.

MAC Girl Next Door is a sheer blue pink with a lustre finish that can be buildable to become more opaque. I usually use this whenever I wore a very minimal makeup but to amp up a bit of my look. 

So, what are your favorite pink shades lipsticks? 

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Mary Ann

Just Some Nibbles to Chew : 
  • For the next few weeks, I'll be updating my Top Fave
  • I will tackle further about foundations