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Monday, July 23, 2018

NOTD : What I wore on my nails on my Birthday!

This may be a late post but I have been MIA these past few weeks & I'll try to challenge myself *cross fingers* to upload a post at least 2 to 3 times a week to catch up with you guys. I've miss you all. 

Last month was my birth month & usually when my birthday's approaching I painted my nails with green shades ( I don't know probably, for good luck I guess?) but this time I've decided to change it.

Oh, you're not mistaken on the shade. It is peach! I've been wanting to try a peach shade before but I just couldn't since that kind of shade isn't my thing & not my kind cup of tea. I don't know either what's been happening to me but lately I want to come out of my comfort zone. I also decided to cut my hair short, in am impulse, go check my instagram post & there you'll understand. Hahaha. 

Al-right moving on to my polish.

The peach shade that I used is from Sally Hansen in Peach of Cake. I have this for a very long time & it was just sitting inside my container box for very long time. TBH.

A beautiful corally-peach that leans more on the orange-y side than pink & it's a creme to almost matte. After I finished painting my nails, I told myself "Meh, something's missing & on my dresser something caught my eye. I noticed a beautiful shimmering polish.

That's Essence effect nail polish in Pixie Dust!

It's a holographic shimmers of pinks & silvers that instantly puts a "pop" on my nail polish. This is actually a topper & I'm in love with it!

Overall, the result is freaking amazing on my nails!

'Til next time. Xo,

Mary Ann 

Sunday, April 29, 2018

NOTD : Pastel Green with Fairy Dust Shimmers on Top

Spring or Easter Day had long gone but I just can't help myself from posting what I wore during the Spring or Easter Day season. Truthfully, Easter for me means hope. Hope that God send His only Son to die on the cross to save us from sins. 

Spring - the first thing that pops up in your mind is that filled with pastel colored shades & the nail polish that I'm showing is perfect for this time of the year.

NOTD : Pastel Green with Fairy Dust Shimmers on Top

My first nail polish that I applied in 3 coats is from Sonia Kashuk Fairy Princess

Sonia Kashuk Fairy Princess

Sonia Kashuk Fairy Princess is a cream pastel apple green with green & blue shimmers that it shifts it color shimmers in the light from green to blue to sometimes a hint of purple.

Then, on top I applied 2 coats of Essence Effect in Pixie Dust

Essence Effect in Pixie Dust

Essence Effect in Pixie Dust is a holographic shimmers filled with tiny glitters in red, pink & white.

What nail polish did you have on during Easter? Would love to read them on the comment below.


Mary Ann

Sunday, December 25, 2016

NOTD : My Golden Nails in time for the Holiday

Holiday season for me is my most favorite season in the whole year. This is the year when everyone is happy in spite of challenges, hardships & depressions. This is the time when everyone is smiling eventhough a complete stranger. Though it's a lot more colder still you can feel that warmth in the air. 

I am also excited when beauty brands have their holiday collection & one of the brand that caught my eye is Essie nail polish. Of all the shades they released, this one really became my favorite.

Essie Getting Groovy - a gold metallic foil like shade. It has glittery gold christmas-sy shade into it that from the first I saw the swatches from other beauty blogger I fell in love with it.

The gold shade really stands out & a perfect for the holiday. I wore this on our annual christmas party where I work & I just love it so much!

Have you seen the latest Essie 2016 Holiday Collection?

Thanks for reading. 'Til next time.


Mary Ann

Monday, November 7, 2016

NOTD : Sinful Colors' Prosecco

One of my favorite drugstore nail polish that I just discovered & immediately fell in love with is the brand Sinful Colors. I've heard so much about this from other nail polish lover bloggers that I've decided to take a look from their website. One that caught my attention is the Prosecco - a cloudy grey gel with tons of gold shimmer (love, love, love shimmers).

The took the picture with a flash so that you can see the gold shimmers.

Another angle shot on my nails of the nail polish so that you can see clearly the gold shimmers.

Love, love this nail polish.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

NOTD : Essence + MINI - Giveaway! - CLOSED!

A few months ago, Essence released their Brit-Tea collection which consists of pastel shades of nail polish, eye palette & blush with a matching duo-ended brush & rose earrings! I only bought a few from the collection & for the next few weeks, I will be posting them & doing a little review too with a surprise. I guess you've already guessed that out here hahaha!
This week it's time for my NOTD from one of the nail polishes that Essence released in their Brit-Tea collection.

Have A Beau-Tea-Full Day is a light minty green with small silver glitters! It's more of a blue undertone & it's a sheer shade & a little different shade from the bottle when applied on your nails but still the result is so pretty. You need at least 3 coats to be opaque & for you to see the minty pastel color of the nail polish!

The brush is okay but a little streaking on the nails probably because it's so sheer. It's a jelly like liquid polish so better apply a good base coat first & if you want the streaking to disappear apply a two coat of top coat too also, it helps the glitter to appear as well.

Now, for a MINI Giveaway! I'll be giving away 1 (one) Essence Have a Beau-Tea-Full Day nail polish to one lucky winner! Philippine residents only are eligible. This contest starts Monday - August 29 & ends by September 15, 2016. The one lucky winner will be notified through their email address provided, if she doesn't reply within 24 hours I will choose another lucky winner. 

Good Luck Guys!


Mary Ann

Disclaimer : I bought this with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with this company. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

NOTD : Coppery Nails

These past few days been very cold because of a typhoon that hit here in the Philippines named Butchoy (international name - Nepartak). Since, I don't want to paint my nails cold shades that I decided to paint it with a warmer tone though it's more like a fit for Fall/Autumn season but we don't have that here do we? So, what the heck right? Hahaha.

ELF Copper - is a coppery, reddish brown shade. In a different angle I could see some gold & silver shimmers. 

The gold shimmers seen in this polish gives a warm glow to your nails. It's a perfect shade for every skin tone I believe. 

How about you? Do you have this shade? If so, what do you think? 

Thanks for reading.


Mary Ann

Sunday, June 5, 2016

NOTD : China Glaze Teal the Tide Turns

Hi, Guys! Today, it's my birthday and I have decided the nail polish that I'm going to show you is the one I'm going to wear. This collection was released two years ago which I haven't heard that China Glaze released their textured polish collection - China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection. Of all the 6 shades being released only one really I love.

China Glaze Teal the Tide Turns  - a textured, green creme base with light and dark green glitters. Though I love the shade, it's so sheer that you need to apply 3 coats to be opaque.

This is what it looks like without a top coat. Applied 3 coats. It leans more matte-ish effect.

With top coat and 3 coats applied of the polish. 

Overall I love the textured finish but do wait for a few seconds to apply in-between to prevent it from smudge because of the creme base though it glides smoothly upon application. Putting on top coats is an option though I prefer to have top coats to add oomph to the glitters.

So, what shades did you get from this collection?


Mary Ann 

Disclaimer : I bought this with my own money. I was not paid, influenced nor affiliated with this company. Everything I wrote here is in my most honest opinion.

Product Name : Teal the Tide Turns  from the China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection 2014

Sunday, May 22, 2016

NOTD : There's a Jade wishing on the Moon?

A few weeks ago, I was browsing on my fave online store of nail polish and a green shade (you know my fave color is green) caught my eye and thought, when was these released??? I was so excited that I, without any second thought, I clicked "buy"!

Upon receiving my order, like a kid who's getting a gift on her birthday, I immediately opened the package and saw the nail polishes. 

Essie Oilpaints is one of the 2016 collections being released recently. But, there are only 3 shades and 1 top coat. I only bought one shade and the top coat.

Essie Jade in Manhattan - is a metallic jade green shade. There's no streak line and it's smooth upon application. The shade is opaque that one coat is enough though, if you want a more darker green you can apply another coat and it has this matte-ish like finish also.

Over the Moon-Stone - is a top coat included in the 4 bottle collection. This has a transformation effect. There's no big transformation here but I notice the shade become more brighter and shinier. 

Overall, I love the swatch! I tested them and at the first day after I applied I don't have any problem of chipping nails. Only got nail chips after 7 days which for me is a good thing because in my experience no matter how good a nail polish is I always end up chipping a nail after a day.

How about you? Do you like this shade?

Love to read your comments below.

Thanks for reading!


Mary Ann