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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pili in my lip products?! - YUMMY!

Whenever I go to Bicol in my mother's hometown or any relative of mine. I always ask for a pasalubong hahaha (shameful me no?). I always ask for pili nuts one of my favorite food especially when it is coated with powdered white sugar not the brown ones. A big 160 gms bottle of it, I could see eating it in just one sitting (obviously, I am a sweet tooth person). But when someone gave me a makeup that the main ingredients came from the Pili tree! Isn't that amazing? As we all know essential oils are good for moisturizing & maintains & firms the elasticity of our skin. Pili oil is no difference from other essential oils & the good news of it is that it's locally available here in the Philippines. 

PILI Products is a locally made products that the main & active ingredients are the Pili oil & Elemi oil discovered by an organic agricultural advocate Rosalina "Rose" S. Tan & with the help of a team of scientists & experts, these discovered oils were carefully extracted from the fruits & resin of the Pili tree with the help of a team of scientists & experts.

I first saw this brand from a TV show that I was watching in the bus while commuting to work. I first thought that they are talking about Pili nuts (food) but they are talking the other way around, it's about skincare & beauty products that's made from the oils coming from the Pili tree (silly me, always thinking about food hahaha). Any who, I got interested to try them but I wasn't able to get the website or the name of the store where they are selling the products because I have to got off the bus or I will miss the bus stop. So, I mentally instructed myself to search for it on the internet but that day I was so busy that I forgot all about it until a friend of ours gave me some of their products yey! Here are the products that I've got & tested it on. 

What I got are a lip balm, a lipstick & a lipgloss. All of them are in perfect combination. I can wear each alone or put them altogether. Nice!

The first one is the lip balm in Blushed Pink which is encased in a usually lip balm case. A cylindrical tube with a twisted cap & by getting the product you have to twisted the bottom counter clockwise.

It's a dark pink shade in the tube but when you swatched it, it lightens so don't be scared of the shade.

The next one is the Lipstick in Bordeaux, encased in a soft tree bark like round tube which is differ from the usual lipstick case that is metal & plastic. Aaannnd a beautiful purple lips mark, how beautiful.

The shade is a deep burgundy red with a pink undertone in it that I fell in love with immediately when I saw the shade. There's a vintage-ish feel to it like Marilyn Monroe - ish. 

And lastly, the Lip & Cheek tint in Latte.

Has a doe foot applicator, the shade is more of a warm reddish brown that when you blend it on your cheeks it turns into a more nude-y pink depending on your skin tone which is good!

Swatches : (left) Lipstick in Bordeaux, (center) Lip & Cheek Stain in Latte & (right) Lip Balm in Blushed Pink.

Here, I am wearing their lip balm in "Blushed Pink"

On my cheeks the lip & cheek stain in "Latte" - I just put them lightly on my cheeks

Me, wearing the lip & cheek stain in "Latte"

This is me wearing all the three lips products, lip balm then, lipstick & lipgloss on top.

Overall, all  of them have this essential pili oil scent, a very slight & mild one for those who are scent sensitive person. They are very moisturizing & pigmented too! It doesn't dry your lips nor leaves your lips a peeling problem. I love it! Not only did they do makeup products but also skincare ones like lotions, essential oils, bath soap & deodorant which I must try them soon.

Have you tried Pili Products? Love to hear what you think.

Thanks for stopping by!


Mary Ann

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Friday, November 18, 2016

My Go-To Cure for Chapped Lips

Whenever the weather changes or some lipstick or lip balm products that I use & ending up not what they call here "hiyang" or in english suited to my skin. I get chapped lips. You know the feeling of very sore, very red & whenever you try to stretch your lips wide  or even just smile a bit, it hurts so bad right? 

One way of avoiding of having chapped lips naturally is to drink lots & lots of water or apply lip balms or lip butters to your lips before you go to sleep. Because of us experiencing harsh weather or what if we suddenly notice we are going to be having chapped lips during in the middle of the day or when you are on the go, what will you do? Of course, we can't avoid those situations right? 

Well, I have something to share with you that I've been using for years. It's my tried & tested product. 


The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care is a very moisturizing lip products for your lips plus it has an SPF of 15. I always apply this before I apply my lipstick for the day. I experienced chapped lips during a change in the weather. I admit I am not too much of a water drinker so, when I am experiencing chapped lips, it's worse & very bad believe me. My signs before having chapped lips is that they are peeling & before I knew it - chapped! I've tried a lot of lip balms but this one is a holy grail for me. A very effective product that with just 3 to 5 applications, my lips are healed.

So, have you tried The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care? 
Do you have your holy grail lip balms?

Thanks for stopping by.


Mary Ann

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Loving my Coke Balm!

Hi! Beauty Gurlz! It's me again... time for my blog. A few months ago, I went to our local department store at their beauty section and as I was looking around, I spotted a very familiar items that were so dear to me. I remember my dad usually buy me this when I was in my kinder days you know when little girls usually go to their mom's vanity table, applying her makeups, pretending to be a grown girl that stuff. I was so happy to see this again available here. I saw 4 flavors - coke, sprite, royal and sorry, I forgot the other one :) So, I can't control myself and I took one. 

Disclaimer : I paid this product and I am not affiliated with this company.
Product Name : Lip Smacker
What it is : A soda drink flavored lip balm.
Packaging/Quantity : 4.0 g / 0.14 oz.
Price : Php 145.00
Where to buy : Any SM watsons store.
Color/Shades : A chocolate brown color (for coke)
Fragrance : It smells like Coke soda. Yum!
Comparison : There other flavored lip balms but the only differ is its soda flavor
Texture : Smooth, moisturizer balm.
Result after I applied : Very moisturizing and yummy (I guess because it's coke flavored LOL)
Would I repurchase it? Yes, definitely!
Likes :
  •           Very moisturizing  
  •           You can carry this anywhere   
  •           Affordable
  •           Four soda flavors to choose from
  •           Has an after taste   
Peppermint Crinkles' Approval : 4.5/5 

So, have you tried them? What is your favorite flavor?

Friday, November 30, 2012

Wet n Wild Flora Collection

Hi! Beauty Gurlz! A few months ago Wet n Wild Philippines launched for the summer a limited edition collection. I saw these on my fave youtube guru Katie from her channel TheKatieAB. So, I immediately ask Wet n Wild Philippines facebook page if they are going to have this collection and I was so happy when they posted the pics. So, with no further ado :