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Sunday, May 7, 2017

7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Goblin

A lot of you probably heard the success of this Korean Drama TV Series "Goblin" or also titled "Guardian : The Lonely & Great God". Aaannnd you probably watched on Channel 2 (ABS-CBN) the commercial of it. In this post I will be giving you 7 reasons why you should watch it. For those who have watched it through cable, you already have an idea but to those who are just curious & interested do be warned, there will be some spoilers here. ;)

The Cast . . .

It has 5 main characters consists of :

Gong Yoo who plays the immortal goblin Kim Shin that lives for 939 years with a sword stuck in his heart. It is his first time to star in a small screen for almost 5 years since his success movie "Train to Busan". He had been doing mostly movies & his last tv series was "Big" but he is also known for the series "Coffee Prince". 

Now, the only one who can remove the sword so that the goblin can finally rest in peace is his bride played by Kim Go Eun who is known for playing in "Cheese in the Trap".

Next cast is Lee Dong Wook who is the grim reaper or the one who collects & assists souls to their afterlife. He lives with the goblin & his past life is the emperor who decrees to kill Kim Shin - the past life of the goblin who was a great warrior. He is best known for the role in another Korean TV series "My Girl".

Yoo In Na who plays the sister of the goblin & wife of the emperor in her past life & the present boss of the goblin's bride. She also plays a supporting role in the Korean series "My Love from the Star".

Lastly, Yook Sungjae who plays the nephew of the goblin & sometimes the lead god in the series by sort of possessed. He is the member of the boy group BTOB.

The Series . . .

It's a fantasy, drama, comedy, romance series. It's like a tv series of the movie Twilight or Vampire Diaries but talks of gods, grim reapers & goblins.  It has 16 episodes plus 3 special episodes which is the behind the scenes & boy, each episode is jam packed with magic, action, rom-com. 

The Story . . .

It started out with a goblin who lives for 939 years, wow, immortal being who only his bride have the power to remove the sword (which is a curse because he can't rest in peace if the sword is still stuck in his heart). 

The Main Topic . . .

It deals with life & death of a person. How he / she will deal with it. The intervenes of each god to human beings & what it tells to us in facing our struggles in life & what should we do if an opportunity knocks. How do we repay the goodness of a god. It also tells us that if one of our loved one dies, it's the end for us, there's still hope for us.

The Soundtrack . . .

The songs being played in the series have their distinct sounds to it. Consists of 14 parts with instrumental sounds included. It includes some music in english words too! Each of them will remind you of some of the highlights of the series like when the two lead actors would walk side by side like models on a runway & the song "Round & Round" would be playing in the background. Or when the goblin & bride would have a moment with each other & "Beautiful" would be playing or when Sunny & the grim reaper would have their talk & "I miss you" or a light happy song "You are so beautiful".

They are like models on the runway

The Bro-mance . . .

There are some scenes featured only the 2 lead actor of the series, their funny antics & arguments you will really laugh at them.

The Cinematography . . .

There are 2 locations in the scenes of Goblin, one in Korea & the other is in Canada, Quebec to be exact & boy, they shot their scenes with beautiful backgrounds of the country. 

Well, that is it guys. Have you watched this series? I highly recommended.

DISCLAIMER : I don't own the pictures & gifs. They are owned by their respected copyrights.

Just some nibbles to chew :

Did you know that the writer Kim Eun Sook is also the writer behind the other KDrama series "The Heirs", "The Descendants of the Sun", "Secret Garden" & "Lovers in Paris". She also won in recent 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards.

Gong Yoo won as the best actor for this series in the recent 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards

Another funny scene from Goblin - Enjoy!