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Sunday, December 5, 2010


We went to this restaurant at SM north edsa Annex with my two sisters... Actually, it my sister's idea - the middle sister to eat here. I was not hungry at that time and a little tight budget and by looking around here, for me, it's kinda expensive. I can't quite remember the names but hope you have an idea... 

First, I ordered an ice cream. I really can't remember the flavor but it has a peppermint in it - i promise. Next, a delicious cake, sorry I can't remember (gosh! my first blog and it's a flop!)  The last picture, my sister bought it and this was I remember... the inside was just a fresh tomato sauce with bits of tomatoes , tastes a little sweet mixed with sour but definitely delicious.
Overall, the place is just an ordinary lighted place... can't be categorize as a cozy ambiance. I much prefer a warm, cozy dimly lit but what can you expect it's inside a mall.
Would I visit it again? Probably...good pricing... 3 out of 5. Just go check it out guys and let me now what you all guys think...