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Sunday, June 19, 2011


March 4, 2011 - I decided to buy a female shih tzu dog for Toffee for 2 reasons : One, so that I have a dog of my own that I can cuddle with or just a companion. Two, a wife to our dearest male shih tzu dog - Toffee... 

The first time I saw her I just fell in love with her eventhough she was dirty, had a bad smell as if she haven't taken a bath for so long and long hair. But, somehow, I felt a connection with her and without any second thought I bought her for Php 11,000.00. That night, I was thinking very hard on what name should I call her and since, my youngest sister call her dog Toffee (a name of a chocolate) I decided that her name should be base on a food name. So, finally her name will be from now on Waffle. She's such an adorable dog... as the days goes by, the more I get to know her, the more I love her more. Evey morning, you would hear her barking whenever she sensed an unfamiliar voice or any noise. When it's time to eat, she would come near us stand on two feet while her two front feet on our chair asking for food. We would give her rice or banana and she would eat them all up and keep asking for more. She had the most beautiful dark, round wide eyes. When she would look at you straight in the eyes I felt that she was trying to say something to me. I called it kissing when she would lick my face or my lips :) And when she's lying down and I would call her name she would lie on her back and she would open her feet apart as if telling me to scratch her stomach - naughty her! 

Then, between the end of May and starting of June, she got sick.... suddenly not that hype anymore and doesn't want to eat nor drink. An officemate of mine who will become a vet sooner he finishes his thesis suggested me to buy her a multivitamins. With these hot or cold weather coming, Waffle became weak and had a flu. My mom told me to consult to a vet, he took a blood sample of her and gave some prescriptions. Found out that her liver was high in toxic and needs to be dextrose until she had an appetite. Days past and still her health doesn't improve - sometimes alive and often times so weak always sleeping. On the early hours of June 15, 2011 few minutes before 3:00 AM I woke up and had to go to our comfort room and noticed the light on my mom's room were open and my two sisters were not in bed so head down and saw them with my mom and our housekeeper talking and they told that Waffle almost died because the dextrose was empty. That morning I asked my office mate and told him what happened. He said that Waffle would suffer a heart attack if it were left with an empty dextrose. I was so scared and everyday, I really want to go home early to check her out. 

Saturday, 5:05 PM, at the bus going to Malinta. My youngest sister called me and to told me to go home right away and then just hang up. The face of Waffle just pops out in my mind and suddenly, fear is all I am feeling at that time. I kept on calling her asking her if it is Waffle and she said yes... My fear grew and any minute she will die. I called her again to ask what really happen but she never answered her cellphone. So, I dialed our home number and my mom answered telling me that Waffle is not breathing.  As the bus stopped on Royal Mall... I quickly stepped down and walked faster and ride a tri-cycle. When I arrived home, the car was gone and so is my youngest sister. My mom told me that they just left together with our housekeeper. I waited in agony of the result. I couldn't wait so, I picked up my cellphone she answered it and I asked. I held my breath when I heard the answer. 

The car entered our gate, I didn't saw my youngest sister sitting in front so I went to the back and saw a lifeless dog in the arms of our housekeeper. We all went inside and I took her and hugged so dearly, for me, this I guess for the last time. I cried, telling myself that I'm going to miss her. I'm missing her already while I am writing this blog and forever will be. Our housekeeper took her telling me that she needs to be buried. I slowly gave it to her decided not to look but a few minutes past I've changed my mind and went out and took her again and hugged her as I cried so hard as if she was still alive and imagining her licking my face. I looked at her face, her eyes were still open, looking at her trying to memorize her face. When Amang - that's his name,  a carpenter took her and gently laid her on her resting ground, I never took my eyes off of my little dog. Waffle! I knew from the bottom of my heart that no other dog could replace her. My first dog, my baby! 
June 18, 2011 - this date will never be forgotten for this is the day when I lost my Waffle.
Waffle - you will be forever in my heart! I love you, always, never be forgotten! So long Waffle!

This is her when she was bought a bed

Isn't she adorable?
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