Friday, January 13, 2017

My Evening Skincare Routine

Even as a child, our parents taught us how to take care of our skin especially our face. Before we go to sleep, we have to brush our teeth, take a warm shower & wash our face.

But when we grow older, we learn how to dress ourselves, style our hair & even do makeup. Aannd, we also learned that it's a no-no to go to bed with makeup still on. So, we have our own skincare routine. 

The Basic Steps in skincare is Cleansed, Tones & Moisturize.

Here are the products I used in my evening skincare that I'd like to share.

This is A Step by Step Guide in My Evening Skincare Routine

First thing I do is remove my eye makeup. I use Almay - this is a very gentle drugstore eye remover. I put two mouth-size circle of Almay's bottle side by side on a cotton pad & each circle for each of my eye. I gently pressed the cotton on my eye, wait for a few seconds & lightly wiped off my eye makeup. Then, on the other side of the cotton pad, I gently wiped off what's left of the eye makeup & also, wiped off the rest of my face. 

But if I am not wearing any makeup, I skip this step.

The Second step, I applied & massage it using my Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser. This is a light cream, not too thick that really breaks down my makeup. After massaging my face with it, I use a baby wet tissue to wipe off the cream. My skin feels smooth & moisturized after I use this.

After cleansing my face, I toned my face with a toner. I use Eskinol, that is my Third step in my evening skincare routine. 

The Fourth step is another toner but this time it's an antibiotic toner that help reduce oiliness in my face. As you all know & I have mentioned in my previous blog posts that I have a very oily skin ever since I started doing my makeup. And my skin became sensitive & blemish prone. This helps in controlling blemishes at bay & helps to dry quickly. I bought this from a local facial spa located near where I am currently working. 

I don't usually wash my face in evening because my eyes are tired from wearing glasses & because I am scared of getting pasmado or spasm but I wash my face every morning when my eyes & face gets enough sleep & rest.

Now, the Last step is to moisturize. I have different moisturizer for my eyes, lips & face.

For my Face, I use an anti-aging night cream. Since, I am getting in my *cough,cough* late thirties. So, I need a much higher level of night cream of course. Also, one of my goal is to insert retinol in my skincare routine. I'll tackle this product in my later post.

For my Eyes, I applied 2 (two) moisturizers because the skin around my eye area are more dry & have little fine lines. The "Egyptian Magic", then, on top is the "SkinFood Salmon Brightening Eye Cream" I have posts reviews on them both. I even use them in my morning routine - a blog post will be posted soon.

The jar you see here is the one I bring at my office, I use this in my morning routine.

See how much I love this Skinfood product. I'll definitely re-purchase this.

This is the one I use in my evening routine, been using this for 3 years now or more as you can see the name & logo had been worn off. I don't worry of the expiration because the ingredients used here are all pure & natural as you will read in my post.

For my Lips, I only use one product & that is The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care which I have done a post too in my blog. Just click the name above to read my post. 

The next two products are just occasional. 

Clean & Clear per-sa gel - I use this when a red blemish is about to form. This helps my zits to ripe & dry fast. This contains 10% benzoyl peroxide which is one of the best treatment for pimples. 

The Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish - My fave facial scrub. I scrubbed my face twice a month because of my sensitive skin.

How about you. What is your evening skincare routine? 


Mary Ann


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