Monday, November 21, 2016

Max Factor - Ruby Red Lipstick Swatches & Review

There is something I like to share with you about me that you might want to know. One of my favorite iconic celebrity is Marilyn Monroe. Her glamour & style never go out of style even today a lot of celebrities immortalized her looks, her glam & her movements in pictures. She got this beautiful aura that you may never cease to stare at her beauty. It's like "hindi siya nakasawang tingnan" (she doesn't look monotonously) if you get what I mean. When Max Factor introduces their Marilyn Monroe lipstick collection. I had to get one. Didn't you know that one of the many cosmetic brand that Marilyn loves is Max Factor? So, they know what she loves & wants in a makeup. The collection consists of 4 different shades fit for every skin tone. I only bought one but I'm planning to buy the rest of the collection. One of my Christmas wishlists. 

Max Factor Marilyn Ruby Red - a blue red shade that originally Marilyn Monroe loves during her time. Aaannnd it's labeled number 1! 

Packaging : Comes in rectangular tube. The color of the tube is red with the name Max Factor in one side. (Shown on the first picture) is the name of the lipstick written under or below the tube.

When you open the cap, lo & behold, the lipstick with the logo embossed on the product but this time it is housed in a black tube. The shade is comparable to the famous MAC Ruby Woo but at an affordable price with same quality.

Above is the swatch of the lipstick.

Me here wearing the lipstick.

Another me, imagining Marilyn Monroe hahaha.

The other shades are : Sunset Red, Berry Red & Cabarnet which are on my wishlists hahaha.

What about you. What lipstick from Max Factor Marilyn Monroe collection that you have?

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