Monday, August 29, 2016

Which Red Lipstick is right for You?

On my first years of wearing makeup, wearing red lipstick shades scares me a lot! One, I don't know what red shades flatters my skin tone, two, if I've found a shade can I pull it off without looking so harsh & three, what makeup look should you be wearing? 
I know reds are very classical & very feminine but with a bold look but would I be able to wear it anytime? A lot of makeup artist have their own opinion on what shades of red you should be wearing.
As I browse through the net for different shades of reds, there pops out a ton which makes me again confused. As I compared each of them I've learned that it all go down to the basic red undertone shades like our skin tone - a cool red & a warm red.
Okay, there are also different red finishes - matte, satin & glossy. There are also bright & dark which goes to undertone shades. I discuss that here later. Let's start off with the finishes. Matte finish red lipstick usually can be worn daytime with a minimal or neutral look or night time with a more sophisticated smokey look. Satin is like a semi-matte finish which for me, also, can be worn daytime with either a minimal or neutral look or sometimes an elegant look. Then, there's the glossy finish which for me is best worn during night time with a smokey look like stark colors like black, grey or white. For me, matte finish is I think best for every skin tone & for those who are also in a hurry every morning, just prep your face, conceal & set your blemishes. Then, brows which just a little of mascara & you're good to go! Satin finishes can be worn with a little bronzer & a thin eyeliner even without mascara or with can be pulled off. While glossy finishes, this tends to make you look more bolder & as if your mouth keep on shouting "look at me, look at me" so, I guess wearing a champagne shade of eye shadow & an eyeliner would balance out the look.

Now, for the under tone shades that I've told you beginning in this post. There are two types of red undertone - the cool red & the warm red.
Let's start off with the warm red. Warm reds like the red-orange lipsticks or red corals which is good for pale to fair skin tone. They are the best to pull off a red-orange lipstick. Usually, they are bright hue shades like Revlon Fire & Ice, NYX Indie Flick, Wet n Wild Party Persimmon or Maybelline Orange edge & a lot more.
Another is the cool red like the red-blue shades. They are best for medium to olive to darker skin tone because they can easily balances out the cool hue even without makeup. 
Shades like the famous MAC Ruby Woo or the MAC Lady Danger. Other high end brands like Urban Decay Bang, NARS Heat Wave or YSL Le Orange. 
I'm not saying that if you are a warm skin tone that means you can't pull off the cool reds or vise versa, you can pull that off too but with what makeup are you wearing or hair color or the clothes that you're wearing. If that makes sense. What I'm just trying to tell you is just a basic knowledge & from there you can mix it up depending on your taste. It always ends up on how you can pull it off. It's like a trial & error thing. If you can get what I mean - whew! 
Now, there are also some other red shades coming out. Like the dark reds which is like a more of mauve-y or plum color like those vampy looks which a pale to light skin tone can pull it off easily but with darker hair color to balance it out. These shades usually are famous during fall season where there's trick or treat feast or Halloween costumes. 
Others like the red-pinks shade which looks like red but closely leans more of pinkish tone. Best for those women who wants to wear red but on a daily basis that looks like a neutral pinkish look if that makes sense? Women who are between the outside & inside of their comfort zone.
Well, that is it guys! Hope this post in my blog helps a lot of women here who loves lipsticks! If you have other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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Mary Ann

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