Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My Top 3 Fave : Summer Lipsticks

It's been raining during these past few days & by the sounds of that summer days are over. But before the official summer season is over I would like to show you my Top 3 Fave summer lipsticks that I've been using during summer seasons. I do have a lot of summer lipsticks on my treasure trove but I have to admit I did have a hard time choosing my tops because during summer I don't stick to one shade but quite a few hehee. 

Okay, let's start off for my first fave, MAC Cut a Caper (a mid-tone peach pink), this is a limited edition one that was introduced in "Heavenly Creatures Collection" but this was also introduced in their previous collection.

I've been using this lipstick lately & seeing what's left is saying something hahaha. When applied on my lips it's more of a peachy tone than a peachy pink though in the tube it's more of a pink.

The next fave summer lipstick is "Watch me Simmer" (bright pink-orange) though in different angle it changes shade sometimes more of a pink sometimes more of an orange but on this picture it leans more of a pink with orange undertone. This is from the MAC Cook MAC, Shop MAC collection by the way.

When applied on my lips, it tends to be more of a nude-y pink but sometimes there's a tinge of orange to it.

Lastly, MAC Razzle-Dazzler (light cream peach). This is from the MAC All About Orange Collection but had been introduced in their previous collection as well. From the looks of my lipstick you can surely tell that I've been loving this during summer too! When applied on my lips, more peachy tone were seen & glides so smoothly on my lips.

Swatches from left to right : Cut A Caper, Watch Me Simmer & Razzle-dazzler.

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Mary Ann

Disclaimer : I bought these with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with the said company. Everything that is written here on  my blog is in my utmost honest opinion & point of view.


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