Monday, August 29, 2016

3 Ways to Rock Red Lipstick Plus 3 Common Ways to Apply Those Reds

In my previous post, I have tackled about finding a right red shade lipstick to your skin tone & also, gave you some sample of red lipsticks with different undertone. If you missed that you can read it in this POST 

Now that you have an idea of which red lipstick is right for you, the next step is how can you rock that red lipsticks.

I have 3 ways in my experience & also, learned from other makeup artists. 

But before that I will give you the 3 Common Ways to Apply Those Reds

Straight from the Tube  - This is a very common way to apply reds even other shades of lipstick

Lip Brush  - For those who wants more precise application

Finger(s)  - Admit it some of you apply this using your finger especially when you are in a hurry or a tinge of red on your lips like those vampire lips. 

Now, I know you are excited to read my 3 ways to rock those Red Lipsticks. Again, let me remind you that these are in my experience & learned some ways from other makeup artists then, I kind of personalized it. But this is what I usually do.

Lip Liner  - Choose a lip liner shade that is near to your natural lip color then, line your lips & fill your whole lips with it. This is to avoid bleeding & fading of your lipstick leaving an outer line of liner on your lips (ewwww, not good!)

Blot it  - Using a tissue paper, press lightly on your lips or pat it with your finger. This is to remove excess application of lipstick which also prevents from bleeding or smudging or staining on your drinking glass or cup.

Set it  - Placing a tissue paper on your lips, set it with a translucent powder using a fluffy brush. This is to prolong the life of your lipstick & avoiding re-application.

Well, that's how I rock red lipstick! Hope these 3 simple tips would be very helpful to those who are starting to wear a red lipstick. 

If you have other tips, I would love to read them on the comments below & try them as well.

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Mary Ann

Some Nibbles to Chew :
  • Just like I've promised, I'll be posting about finding a right foundation shade - this is taking so long hahaha.

  • Also, I will post another beauty tips in connection to wearing red lipstick so do watch out for that.


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