Monday, July 18, 2016

Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer Swatches & Review

If you've been following my blog, you'll noticed that I've been posting "My Top 3 Favorite" from foundation, eye shadows all the way to summer essentials. Then I also tackle face primers & one of them is Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer. 

A primer is like a barrier between your moisturizer & your foundation. The purpose of this is to improve coverage & lengthen the amount of time the cosmetics lasts on the face. It acts as a primary coat to your face as it evens out the surface of your face so that after applying a foundation it would have a smooth finish. Primers have 2 different types - water based & a silicone based. Some contains sun screen protection, some don't. There are a lot of different kinds of a primer - there are primers that are like moisturizers, primers that gives a matte appearance or like the one I am about to do a review, gives a luminous appearance.

Packaging : Comes in a squared glass bottle in goldish bronze color, the cap is plastic (upon checking on their website this is an old packaging)

Comes in a pump form which is good to prevent from the product to spill & a controlled usage of the product as well.

The product comes in a bronze-y color but when blended it turns to a luminous shade that give a perfect glow & a water-based formula perfect for very oily skin or to those folk with sensitive skin for silicone based.

Overall : I love this primer because it gives a dewy glow even though it's a water based formula. I usually use this & the very first thing that comes to my mind when my face looks dull, lots of blemish & redness especially those times when my face is so oily hence, one of my top 3 favorite primers to use. 

How about you? Have you tried this primer? Care to share your thoughts?

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Mary Ann

Peppermint Crinkles' Approval : 5/5

Disclaimer : I bought this product with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with this company. All written in my blog is in my honest opinion & point of view.

Product Name : Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer No. 1 Even Skin

Product Edition : Permanent but the packaging has changed. 


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