Friday, July 8, 2016

My Top 3 Favorite : Summer Essential Foundation

Summer time easily come and easily goes but during those hot days my face tends to get more oily. A lot of foundation have medium to heavy coverage that it's hard to wear your usual foundation because you get sweat and your foundation would run, and that's not good right? 

I tried a lot of light coverage foundation even tinted moisturizers but still it runs as I sweat and by the end of the day I don't look fresh :( Until I found my Top 3 Summer Foundation Faves.

(From Left to Right) Skin 79 Super BB Cream, Nature Republic By Flower and Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Packaging : Comes in a round cylinder shaped plastic with a silver steel type pump.

The product comes out in a small tube like mouth though it's not hygienic because there's no cap or cover so, the surface product that will come out from it's mouth would tend to harden.

If you can see, on the right is the blended one. It only have one shade available and as you blend it would blend to your face.

Another fave of mine is the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream 

Packaging : It comes in a tube with a small pump at the end instead of most common tube packaging where you should squeeze the tube in order for the product to come out. A nice one on this is that it has a cap which is hygienic and you would definitely use the entire product which I love. 

This has a more lighter coverage than the Skin 79 and they have 5 shades available from the lightest to darkest skin tone. I use this straight as a foundation but sometimes also a great makeup base. The shade that I have is #21 Light Beige which is the 2nd lightest.

Lastly, Nature Republic By Flower BB Cream

Packaging : It comes in a tube where it have a twisted cap for the product to come out.

This has 2 shades available and I got #02 Natural Beige which is a slight darker on my skin tone but it's forgivable since I become a little darker during summer. 

Here are the comparison swatches of the 3 BB Creams. As you can see, both Skin 79 and Missha have a more beige-y shade while the Nature Republic is more yellowish in color.

Overall : All of the BB creams shown above are smooth in texture, medium coverage and has a dewy finish. By the way, they are cruelty free which is really great to know! 

So, what are your summer essential foundation faves?

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Mary Ann

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