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My Top 3 Favorite : Foundation

With a lot of foundation both high end and drugstore being sold, you get to have a hard time choosing a right product for your face that sometimes you tend to buy a lot but end up not liking it because for many reasons : right shade for your skin tone, coverage, texture, longevity and sometimes fragrance. I've been one of those beauty enthusiasts. I have a couple of foundations in my makeup stash that some of them because it doesn't suit to my face, I end up either giving it away or using it all up! 

With more trials and errors, I finally found my favorites!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum (left), Revlon Colorstay (middle) & Essence Stay All Day (right)

Packaging : It comes in a glass like bottle with a red cap. At the back it shows the description & the ingredients as well as the usage.

The shade that I have is #51 Light Vanilla which is the lightest shade available in their range. 

Net Weight : 30 ml / 1 fl. oz.

The foundation comes in a pump to prevent from product spilling which is good for traveling. A plus bonus - it has a mild vanilla musky scent. The Texture is smooth and the Coverage is a light to medium coverage but buildable. I don't have a problem using this during summer days because it sits on your skin and has a semi-matte finish.

Packaging : Comes in a glass bottle (be careful not to drop it!) with a black twisted cap.
This has a wide range of shades from the lightest to the darkest. One of my favorite foundation to use if I am going to events or parties or certain important occasions. Their range have for dry skin with a dewy finish & oily skin - shown above that have a matte finish.

Net Weight : 1 fl. oz. / 30 ml.

The shade that I have is 180 Sand Beige though it's a slightly darker than me. 

Opening the cap, the bottle have no stopper or a pump just an opening mouth & that's a downside for me. There will be a possibility that you might waste some of the product if you don't have control in pouring the product on the back of your hand or on your makeup palette. Also, if you're going to bring this when you travel make sure to close the cap tight to prevent from spilling on your travel bag.

The foundation have a strong funky, medicine scent but have a medium to heavy Coverage though it's also buildable. This Longevity wear of this is more that 8 hours without experiencing any patchiness or fading. It sticks on your face & a flawless finish.

My shade has a more yellow undertone & it blends well on your skin. I applied this on my face using a buffing brush.

This has an SPF 6 so you don't need to worry of a white cast because it's a photo friendly foundation. I've tried taking photos both at daytime & night time wearing this & I don't have a problem with is.


Packaging : Comes in a yellow beige plastic bottle

Net Weight : 1 fl. oz. / 30 ml.

At the back of the bottle, the description, usage & the company written.

It has a pump bottle which is safe for traveling.

It has a smooth Texture, a light to medium Coverage. The shade has a yellow under tone.

Here they are swatch side by side

A closer view of the swatches & blended.

Do you have your Top 3 Favorite Foundation? Love to know them!


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