Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Catrice Coverstick Concealer Swatches & Review

I must admit, my skin doesn't look good all the time. There are times when I am having a very bad blemish face & that even a full coverage foundation won't cover them & that's sucks right? I've been hunting for a drugstore concealer because the one I've been using is a slight higher price. So, when I saw that Catrice Cosmetics have one that have same function as the one I have right now I got curious & bought one to test it out.

Packaging : Comes in a flesh colored stick form.

Net Weight : 3 g / 0.10 oz.

Before I continue let me give you a brief background. Catrice Cosmetics is a European brand specifically in Germany that markets mostly to more adult/mature women. A sister company to Essence Cosmetics who targets to more teenagers. Both of these brand are owned by Cosnova Beauty established by Christina Oster-Daum in 2001, a cruelty free brand.

I have also twisted the base of the concealer to its extent just to show you how much quantity of the concealer that you're getting.

What I have is the lightest shade available. Here, as you can see when blended it has a medium coverage & it has a little peachy undertone.

I love, love it! How about you? Have you tried Catrice Concealer Stick?


Mary Ann

Disclaimer : I bought this with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with this company. All written in my blog is in my honest opinion & point of view.


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