Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Top 3 Favorite : Multi-Use Products

Hello, everyone! Time for "My Top 3 Favorite" and this time I'll be talking about Multi-Use products. When I say Multi-use it means you can use it in more ways. In other words, the product can be use as highlighter, bronzer, primer or base or sometimes as a blush or a gloss or lipstick.  I only use products that can be applied on the different parts of my face except on my lips which I rarely use. I only applied lip balm, lipgloss or lipstick on my lips and nothing else. Before we continue, I've already posted some of My Top 3 Favorites : Face Primer Part 1 and Part 2Eye Primer and the latest is Eye Base

Here are the products that I considered as my multi-use products.

Left - ELF Shimmering Facial whip  shown here is the shade Spotlight which is still available in their permanent line which can be use as a highlighter or just for a few drops because this one is so shimmery an illuminator by mixing to your favorite foundation and on Right - is the ELF All Over Cover Stick  shown here is the shade Toasted which sad to say they discontinued it. I use this as a cream contour or sometimes as a cream highlight just by applying it on the top of my cheekbones very lightly or I use this as an eye base. 

Next one is the only cream color base that I have (as of the moment hahaha, because I am planning to add more CCB in my makeup treasure-trove - it's on my wishlist Pearl, Hush and Shell) This one is really a multi-use product (as seen on the MAC website) I use it as a highlight or a blush (depending on the shade of your CCB) or an eyebase.

The shade that I have is Seaside from the MAC Me Over Collection, the shade is a rosy-peach with shimmer.

Last but not the least - MAC Paint Pots  shown here are the shades Eclaire, Rubenesque and Nubile. I use this as an eye base or sometimes as a primer. At times when my eyelids doesn't gets oily especially during colder season, I tend to wear this as a primer and base in one without a problem of creasing and fading. I'll be posting a different blogpost of my collection of these paint pots.

Overall, having multi-use products helps a lot in many ways. Travel friendly because you don't need to bring a couple of products just for getting a FOTD or EOTD. It saves times because you can perform in applying makeup on your face in one step instead of two or three steps and money because you won't have to spend so much money in buying products for each makeup step like bronzer, blush or eye look.

So, do you have multi-use products? Do share them to me by writing on the comment box below.

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Mary Ann 

Disclaimer : I bought them with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with the company. All written in my blog is in my utmost honest opinion.


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