Sunday, May 1, 2016

This Movie Reminds me of my Blush??!!

It's been a month since my sisters and I watched the movie "Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice". The movie really focuses on Batman's past and how he became a dark knight then, a woman show up in a few scenes and there we knew it was Wonder Woman. Then, on the last part of the movie you will see Gal Gadot in her role as Wonder Woman that really puts the movie more exciting with only a 7 minute run of her. Then, I recall that MAC cosmetics had a collection of Wonder Woman back in 2011 with a wide range of oversize mineralize skinfinises, lipsticks, lipglosses, pigments, bags, nail lacquers, brushes, makeup bags and more.

But what really caught my attention was their blush duos that are way larger in size than their normal blush size from their permanent line. 

The Packaging have a red and blue color which is the colors of Wonder Woman's costume and on the lid "WonderWoman" with her logo and MAC printed on the center. The box is red with the front I think a vintage drawing along with the name Wonder Woman written on the bottom as well as her logo and MAC's which I still keep until this day! Of all the Justice League members, she is my favorite! 

At the back of the product the name of the powder blush, the net weight was printed.

The blush is divided not equally into two - the larger one is a peachy coral pink sheen while the smaller one is a dark satin red-coral pink, you need a smaller brush to pick this product.

SWATCHES : Index Finger - the bottom portion
                         Middle Finger - the top portion
                         Ring Finger - the mix of the two blushes


Mary Ann

Product Name : Mighty Aphrodite duo blush from MAC x Wonder Woman Collection

Product Edition : Limited Edition, Discontinued


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