Sunday, May 22, 2016

NOTD : There's a Jade wishing on the Moon?

A few weeks ago, I was browsing on my fave online store of nail polish and a green shade (you know my fave color is green) caught my eye and thought, when was these released??? I was so excited that I, without any second thought, I clicked "buy"!

Upon receiving my order, like a kid who's getting a gift on her birthday, I immediately opened the package and saw the nail polishes. 

Essie Oilpaints is one of the 2016 collections being released recently. But, there are only 3 shades and 1 top coat. I only bought one shade and the top coat.

Essie Jade in Manhattan - is a metallic jade green shade. There's no streak line and it's smooth upon application. The shade is opaque that one coat is enough though, if you want a more darker green you can apply another coat and it has this matte-ish like finish also.

Over the Moon-Stone - is a top coat included in the 4 bottle collection. This has a transformation effect. There's no big transformation here but I notice the shade become more brighter and shinier. 

Overall, I love the swatch! I tested them and at the first day after I applied I don't have any problem of chipping nails. Only got nail chips after 7 days which for me is a good thing because in my experience no matter how good a nail polish is I always end up chipping a nail after a day.

How about you? Do you like this shade?

Love to read your comments below.

Thanks for reading!


Mary Ann 


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