Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Makeup Treasure-Trove : Too Faced Palette Part 2 (Swatches)

I'm Baaaack everyone! Part 2 of My Makeup Treasure-Trove. Just in case you missed out my part 1, you can see my post HERE

Packaging : Comes in a tin case with pink flowers and leaves design.

Product Name : Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette

At the back of the palette are descriptions, usage, net weight of the eyeshadows are printed.


The ingredients of each eyeshadows are written on the sides of the box.

Have 9 eyeshadows - 3 of which has a net weight of 2.0 g / .07 oz. each and the 6 smaller eyeshadows has a net weight of .0 g / .03 oz. 

It includes an instructional basic guide or eyeshadow tutorial.

A beauty quote written before you open the instructional guide. How sweet! Such an inspiration.

Matte, satin and shimmer finish. Flesh, champagne, brown shades.

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette  eyeshadow swatches.


Mary Ann


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