Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Makeup Treasure-Trove : Too Faced Palette Part 1 (Swatches)

Tonight, I'll be doing a 3-part blogpost of my makeup collection from Too Faced. Let's move away first from "My Top 3 Favorites" for a while and just like I've promised before one by one I'll be posting some of my makeup collections from drugstore to high ends that holds a special place in my heart. Too Faced makes wonderful eye palettes that you just can't skip in buying because a lot of them are good quality and nice textures that it's so hard to stop myself from buying.

Product Name : Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette

Packaging : Comes in a tin case with lovely pink vintage-ic cushion.

The ingredients of the eyeshadows that's included in this palette.

Have 9 eyeshadows - 3 of which has a net weight of 2.0 g / .07 oz. each and the 6 smaller eyeshadows has a net weight of .0 g / .03 oz. 

It includes an instructional basic guide or eyeshadow tutorial (which I forgot to took photos sorry about that)

Upon removing the instructional guide, a built in mirror.

The eyeshadows are categorize in "Day", "Classic" and "Fashion" but that doesn't stop there. You can mix and match the eyeshadows  in anything you want.

Too Faced Boudoir Eyes Palette  eyeshadow swatches.

The next eye palette is also leans on the neutral look much the same as Boudoir Eyes.

Product Name : Too Faced Naked Eye Palette

Packaging : Comes in a carton case with soft pink satin sheets and damask designs surrounding the sides of the cover encircling the name of the palette.

Both of the Too Faced palettes have descriptions, usage, states the founder of the brand, net weight of each eyeshadows.

The ingredients of the eyeshadows are listed on the sides  of the outer packaging.

This palette composes of matte and shimmer finish. A combination of champagne, browns and pink shades. Categorize in "Day", "Classic" and "Fashion"

It also includes instructional guide / tutorial which is inserted on the cover on the palette.

Too Faced Naked Eye Palette  eyeshadow swatches.

Mary Ann

  • Next post : the part 2 of my Makeup Treasure-Trove Too Faced Palette
  • Will try my best to post them within next week and also as I have said in my previous post HERE 


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