Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Bonus Post to My Top 3 Favorites from Wet n Wild : 8 Pans Palette

From the beginning of the time I posted my Top 3 Favorites from Wet n Wild I've told you that they have a wide range of products from foundations, blushes to eyeshadows, to lipsticks, lipglosses to mascaras. By the way, do check out my first posts of My Top 3 Favorites From Wet n Wild - Single Eyeshadow, Palettes : 6 Pans & 8 Pans and Trios. I admit, it's not just down to 3 favorites when it comes to palettes since they always releases new ones. So, without any further ado here are my other favorites from Wet n Wild 8 Pan Palettes.

The first one is SPARKLE 'TIL MORNING  which consists of neutral brown with a touch of sky blue and copper shades. I bought this off at ebay and I was happy that I decided to get this one because of how good the shadows are. When  Wet n Wild released this back in 2012 for their holiday edition. Right then and there I really want to grab it!

All of the shadows are in shimmer finish with not a single one is a matte one.

Next, GOING IN THE WILD  which consists of light pink, champagne, light green, light purple, brown and black shades. 

The shadows have pearl and shimmer finish.

Another one is NUDE AWAKENING which consists of more brown, copper, gray shades which is another cult following

The shadows have a mixture of pearl, shimmer and matte finish and this is what I love most from the three palettes. 

All have the shadows here are so pigmented. SPARKLE 'TIL MORNING  have the same packaging as their permanent line while   GOING IN THE WILD  and NUDE AWAKENING have the white packaging with flower designs on the top right and lower left corner of the lid which is pretty. They were released in Spring of 2013. 

There you go, thank you so much for reading this post. Stay tuned for my next Top 3 Favorites!

What about you? Do you other favorites other than your top 3? 


Mary Ann

Disclaimer : I paid all the products and I am not affiliated with this company

Product Name : Sparkle 'Til Morning, Going in the Wild & Nude Awakening

Product Edition : Limited Edition


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