Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Top 3 Favorite From Wet n Wild Part 3 - Trios

At Last, this is my part 3 of "My Top 3 Favorite" from Wet n Wild brand. Here's my previous blog post of my other favorites from Wet n Wild products.  Do check out my Part 1 and Part 2 which I have 2 posts HEREHERE and HERE respectively.

Now, onto My Top 3 Favorites Wet n Wild - the Eyeshadow Trios

The first one is I DREAM OF GREENIE which consists  of 3 different shades of green from lightest to lime green that really reminds me of spring and summer season.

The Browbone is a light white green shade. A perfect shade for a inner corner and around the tear duct that helps brighten the eye. 

The Crease is a blue-green shimmer shade while the Eyelid is a satin light forest green shade.

The eyeshadows are lay beautifully on light plastic with a transparent lid. At the back is the description and what contains in the package and where to put the eyeshadow on your lid. At the bottom the net weight is printed.

The Trio also contains 2 application tools, a brush and a sponge tip.

If you peel up you will see some basic guidelines in applying the eyeshadows. 

At the bottom are the ingredients written.

The next two I've already depotted them, sorry about that but in the coming weeks I will posting my Makeup Stash and probably it'll be more than a 3 part series hahaha.

The second trio is WALKING ON EGGSHELLS  which consists with light white, a light baby pink and a midtone taupey brown. All of them have a shimmer finish and you already know that this is the most famous one. All of three they are dupes on MAC shadows. Great for a "no makeup" makeup look.

And lastly, SILENT TREATMENT which consists of a light pink, taupey grey and a dark black. All of them have a shimmer finish.

All of the eyeshadows are really pigmented that on can apply them alone or on top of a primer/base for more pop!

So, how about are these one of your favorites or all of them? Or do you have other favorite trios? Love to read them on the comments below.


Mary Ann

Disclaimer : I bought these products and I am not affiliated with this company. Everything written in here is in my most honest opinion. I am not paid for this.

Product Name : I Dream of Greenie, Walking on Eggshells & Silent Treatment

Product Edition : Permanent


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