Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Top 3 Favorite From Wet n Wild Part 2-B : Palettes - 6 pans

Hi, everyone! It's time for "My Top 3 Favorite From Wet n Wild" and this time palettes - 6 pans. I've already done the single eyeshadow which you can see HERE and the 8 pans palette HERE
When Wet n Wild released 4 types of palettes in 6 pans, boy, I was amazed. You did it again! Such a genius and what's more exciting about is that it's on their permanent line! As you can see, there are shades here that looks so familiar with other high end brands and way more good at an affordable price. So, let's jump right in.

First, PRIDE  which consists of white, green and blue shades. 

At the back of each palette contains the brand name, description, the parts of your eye area and the content weight of the product.

If you peel the front portion there reveals a step by step guide from daytime to night time look.

At the bottom, the ingredients are written.

Each palette contains two application tool - a brush and a sponge tip.

Next, GREED  which contains a creamy white shade, midtone brown, silver, and black shades.

This palette is good for an everyday neutral look to smokey look.

And lastly, my most favorite of the 3 is the palette VANITY  which contains creamy vanilla, light and dark browns which is more perfect for a more like "no makeup" makeup look if you get what I mean.


All of the palettes contains matte to satin finish on the left side and shimmer to glitter finish on the right. You can mix and match the shadows or just follow the guidelines printed on the back of the palette. The eyeshadows are so pigmented it really amazes me to see that you can find this kind of gem in the drugstore brand. The other palette that's not here and I didn't bought because I'm not a fan of violet shades and that is LUST which contains lilac and plum shades.

Do you have any favorite from Wet n Wild's 6 pan palettes? Love to read them on the comments below.

Up next, Trios!


Mary Ann

Disclaimer : I bought these products and I am not affiliated with this company. Everything written in here is in my most honest opinion. I am not paid for this.

Product Name : Wet n Wild - Vanity, Greed, Pride

Product Edition : Permanent 


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