Saturday, April 9, 2016

Loreal Nude Palette in Beige Swatches & Review

Last week, Loreal Philippines had a summer sale so last saturday when I went to a mall in Quezon City to meet my sisters and friends that I went immediately to their booth. Like a child at heart who was overwhelmed with candies (since, I am a sweet tooth by the way) I quickly look at their products that I think would add up to my stash (like I still don't have enough already hahaha) Then, something caught my eye. Place beautifully on the lower right of the display portion are two palettes lined lovingly in their glory. I squealed inside because I've been waiting for these and now, they're here within my reach! Last year, Loreal Paris introduced their nude palettes from neutral to smokey shades to rose gold shades. I only saw two palettes here and the sales lady sadly said that only two were available. One the Rose Palette and Beige Palette which I bought (really??!! you know how I'm a sucker for nudes ha! like you still don't know)

Packaging : The palette is housed in a slim, elegant black plastic with the brand name and the palette name printed in gold on the center of the packaging. 

At the back you will have the glimpse of what eyeshadow shades and a free applicator inside. At the bottom were probably the ingredients written in Japanese words (wish they translated that though). The palette weighs 7g. 

It contains 10 eyeshadow in all light to medium neutral colors perfect for everyday makeup and a mirror was also included which is nice - perfect for traveling.

with flash

without flash

The eyeshadows are pigment and I only swatched them twice.

It contains a two ended applicator - one a sponge tip for packing on and the other a brush for blending.

The brush is tapered  and pinched at the side.

This is how it looks like after I rubbed them off. Some shades are still showing but some are completely wiped out.

Mary Ann

Final Thoughts : This palette definitely has hits and misses but there are a lot more hits than misses. Most of the eyeshadows are pigmented especially the darker ones. 

Peppermint Crinkles' Approval : 4/5

Disclaimer : I paid this product and I am not affiliated with this company.

Product Name : Loreal Paris La Palette Nude - Beige

Product Edition : Permanent

What it is : A set of 10 neutral eyeshadows ranging from champagne beige greyish black shades

Price : Php 800.00

Where to Buy : All beauty stores nationwide (Philippines)

Would I recommend it : Yes!!!

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