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I cave in and became My Fave eyebrow kit - Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

The year was 2014 when the beauty trend hype was all about brows and I really at first don't care about my brows though I know how to do makeup on myself. When Anastasia Beverly Hills introduced their Dipbrow pomade, everyone rave about this piece of a gem that I got really curious and saw them wearing this product in action. 

But before I continue let me tell you about my journey to wanting good brows. For almost 3 years I've been uploading makeup tutorials on my Youtube Channel and a lot of people were commenting to do my brows and I listened to them. First, I groom and use eyeshadows for shaping my brows and for a while I love how it shapes my face and how it gives great impact on my makeup. I became very picky. 

So, back to ABH. When I saw other youtube gurus where raving so much about this product that I really got interested (since I'm a little vain on my brows lately) watching them using this in action. I see great results that when I learned from Jean (a friend of mine)  that there was an online sale I quickly took a chance and bought the shade "Dark Brown".

Let me give you a short history of this gem and why it turns out to be a best product to use for your brows and why other beauty brand companies made their own pomade version.

Anastasia Beverly Hills was created and founded by a Romanian woman named Anastasia Soare who had also named her salon - Anastasia Beverly Hills. When her family came in the US she used to watch Oprah just to improve her english skills. She started working in a salon. She wondered why people doesn't pay attention to their brows and where she came from before you get a facial they tweeze your brows first. In school where she was studying in art her art teacher usually talks about how eyebrow shape is important to frame your face. Since eyebrow products were not available she decided to make eyebrow kits and so, this gem was born.

The product is packed in a black, sleek box and in from the logo and name of the product engraved in gold and silver.

At the back of the box it says about the product.

On the side of the box are the ingredients printed in white and on the other the logo of recycled, months usage and the cruelty free (it's nice to know-this is not tested on animals) and the distributor. 

The cap is black and at the center, the logo of ABH in letter "A" shaped like a lovely butterfly with a circle around it.

Packaging/Quantity : Comes in a glass jar, ABH is printed in black. Net wt, 4.0g / 0.14 oz

Underneath the jar a sticker with "Dipbrow pomade", the shade, distributor and usage printed on it.

The ABH dipbrow pomade comes  in different shades ranging from the lightest to the darkest. A shade fir for every light to dark hair woman in the world. 

What it is : A product used to fill in brows.

Price :  $ 18.00

Color/Shades : Sephora - 11 shades 
Final Thoughts : I like the gel like form of this product, upon applying this on you brows it dries in a few minutes and it will last long throughout the day without any smudge or budge. This glides so smoothly that it's so easy to apply in sculpting your brows. With small brush strokes results in a more natural look and gives definition to your brows without looking so drawn on. I find this one of my holy grail eyebrow product!

Would I repurchase it? Yes!

Peppermint Crinkles' Approval : 5/5

Me with my thin, sparse, bare eyebrows..... O.O *Gasps* *Shocking face*

This is me wearing Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown.  It looks lighter but it is a little darker in real life because I took this picture at night time and the lighting is literally located above to where I am standing.

Have you tried Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade? Did you like it? What do you think?

Here are the links I've searched in the internet that talks about Anastasia Soare


Mary Ann

Disclaimer : I paid for this product and I am not affiliated with the company.


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