Thursday, March 31, 2016

Real Teachniques' Duo Fiber Collection

Hi Beauty Gurlz, it's been a long time since I haven't blogged anything here. Sorry about that... things kind of mixed up in my life for a while but now, here I am trying to update my posts the best that I can. First of all, apologies for the things I will be posting are kind of late either so yesteryear collection or products that had been discontinued. Well, let's get started..... One of my favorite beauty gurus in the youtube world is the pixiwoo sisters especially Samantha Chapman. And when she launched her line of brushes, I immediately look for sellers here in the Philippines that sells authentic Real Techniques brushes... I love, love, love her brushes, it's living to its hype. They are true to their claims that it's multi-use whether you are using it in powder, creams or liquid products the bristles won't be damaged. Two years ago, they released a duo-fiber collection which at first was a limited edition but I was so happy that they decided to be part of their permanent line. Woohoo! This was the first edition but they changed the color of the handle when they made it into the permanent line, more bright and bolder colors. Check it out on their main website Real Techniques  

The set consists of 3 brushes.

At the back is the picture of Sam - one of the creators of these brilliant brushes and who is a beauty guru on their youtube channel - Pixiwoo. It also shows a close up photo of the brushes and their names and uses.

The brushes are placed in a black colored styro foam with "Real Techniques" written on the styro.

The brushes are labeled "Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman" on one side and their names on the other side. The handles are coated in white while the end of the handle a rubber like straight cylindrical shape. The brushes are duo-fibers meaning some bristles are shorter than the other bristles. This is perfect for applying more pigmented products and for a lightweight sheer application on the face. A perfect one for cream or powdered blush, bronzer or foundation. The white bristles which is the longer ones are for application while the black bristles for buffing the product on your face. Well that said, let's take a look at the brushes included in the set shall we?

The first one is the Face Brush  for applying and blending lightweight powder or pigments it says in the packaging. Like I said, a great makeup tool for applying pigmented blush, foundation or bronzer whether liquid or powder makeup.

 A semi-round shaped bristles.
All of the bristles in these brushes are sparse but not dense. 

It's pinched at the base of the bristles by the handle.

The second one is the Contour Brush  great for sculpting your face with bronzers. 

The last one included in the set is the Eye Brush  for precise eyeshadow application. Also, a great tool if you want to create a sharp, cut crease. 

I really love their brush range. Makes your application fast and easy. 
Tell me what you think.

Mary Ann

Disclaimer : I paid this product and I am not affiliated with this company

Product Name : Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection

Product edition : Permanent

What it is : A set of 3 duo fiber brushes

Price : US $ 20.00

Where to Buy : Ulta, Real Techniques website, Ebay Philippines, Authentic online Philippine sellers

Would I Repurchase it :  Oh, yes!

Peppermint Crinkles' Approval : 5/5


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