Sunday, February 14, 2016

Go Red Nails!!!

Hi! Beauty Gurlz, how are you these days? Hope all of you are having a wonderful day especially this Valentine's Day! Every Friday, I usually do clean and paint my nails. I get to choose the shade from my nails collection. Promise, one of these days I will post a nail polish collection. All of my collections but do be warned, almost all of my nail polish collections are greens shades heehee. So, from the title you probably would have guessed that my post for today is different from my previous NOTD blogpost which surprisingly to tell you honestly my very first time to have paint my nails, yes, you are correct RED nail polish! Actually, I got carried away from the coming Valentine's Day fever and just for fun I've decided to finally trying painting my nails in red. 

They are from the Vintage Minnie Mouse collection (2012). I have this for quite a while now and haven't have the guts to use it. But now, finally I have.

The Color of Minnie is a creamy red with shimmers. I think this is one of the reds that's perfect for every skin tone. 

Nothin' Mousie 'bout it is a light, baby pink with pink and silver shimmers with a silvery pink small heart shapes how cute is that? It's so perfect for the Valentine's Day occasion don't you think?

What's your NOTD for Valentine's? Care to share?

Peppermint Crinkles' Approval : A 5/5 crinkles! Hahaha 

Just some nibbles to chew : 
*We had an annual medical check up from the company where I work.
*One of my resolution right now (better late than never) is to drink more fluids especially water!
*Will start editing my new makeup video. It's a back to back kind of video in line with Valentine's Day, do watch out for that tomorrow I'll upload it soon as I finished editing.


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