Sunday, October 27, 2013

NOTD : Feeling the christmassy season as Christmas comes near. . .

Hi! Beauty Gurlz! It's been a while since I haven't post any NOTD. Sorry, a lot of things happen to me these past few days. So, without more saying, as you know I really love greens! It just makes me so happy aside from buying makeups and doing makeups of course :)

Look, how pretty the color is. I just love greens! :)

I just apply 2 (two) coats of this.

I'm not great in describing the shade but I'll try my best. It's an emerald, christmas green with gold, yellow and green shimmers perfect for the coming season.
Bought this :

Just some nibbles to chew :
     * Will be uploading my monthly videos tomorrow hoping I will finish them all.
    * I am having trouble uploading my videos on Youtube, always saying that it can't be converted. Have you been experiencing that? Any suggestions on how to fix it? Help!
    * I've been teaching Trixee some tricks, go check out my instagram (peppermint5) and please do follow for updates on her. I always upload pictures and videos of my baby Trixee.
     As I am writing this blog, our neighbor somewhere near our house been firing fireworks that makes Trixee so scared. Grrr. Now, she's been crying just only to get my attention.

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