Monday, February 4, 2013

What's UR Suggestion(s)?

Hi Gurlz, it's been awhile since I haven't post on my blog. I do apologize for that. Something came up in my life that's really important. But here I am again, starting to catch up. But anyways, this month is February and it's a love month. I've decided to paint my nails with pink nail polishes. But I got a quite few pinks that I really love that I am confusing right now of which should I be wearing. So, just for fun, I'm asking your opinions or suggestions on what nail polish(es) - I do overlaying if you like - should I wear.
With no further ado, here are the nail polishes. Do check out my youtube channel and write down your suggestions on the comment on my channel not here coz, I'll be checking on my channel quite often :)

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