Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Neutrogena Acne Stress Control

Hi Beauty Gurlz! It's me again... right.. I know.. didn't put up to my challenge. Got lazy these days and I know, that's not an excuse so, here I am trying to catch up. In order to meet up my challenge. I've decided to blog at least twice a day *cross fingers*
Okay, moving on. Here's a product review...

DISCLAIMER : I paid for this product and I am not affiliated with this company or whatsoever.

 Since last year my face just turned 180 degrees from normal to oily combination skin which my T-zone is the most oily and my cheeks are the most driest. All became so oily! And got a lot of pimples especially on my forehead and cheeks. I got freak out because I don't have any problem on acne and my face just becomes so sensitive. I googled (do make your BFF guys, trust me) for best drugstore products and saw this in one of the reviews. I contacted Neutrogena Philippines through Facebook and unfortunately, it's not available here. Sucks right?
  Moving on. I do have a friend who sells US products and asks her for this. Thankfully it was on sale at and bought one to test it on myself.

As you can see, the packaging is nice. Not messy and you can use the product up to the last drop.  First time, I applied this it has this cooling effect on my face and easily absorbs though you have to apply it on your face due it's so runny. Didn't feel any burning sensation just a cooling effect which I love.

  The color is like a minty cloud.

Final thoughts : 
I just the cooling effect. Definitely, would love to maintain using this product and include this in my skincare routine but unfortunately, not available here.
Calling Neutrogena, please, do something about this. :)

Where to buy :,

Would I repurchase this ? Yes!

Peppermint Crinkles' Approval : 3.5/5


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