Sunday, December 4, 2011

Get glam with Avon quad eyeshadows!

Hi! Everyone welcome back to my blog! I know, it's been a while... finding a mood hehehe anyways, I am here to a review on a rediscovered product. To tell you frankly, I have a love, hate relationship with Avon products but now, before I used to buy avon products because for a few and practical reasons. One, I'm a member so I get a discounted price hehehe. Two, a bunch of products to choose from. Three, lots of avon representatives available. Four, accessible stores or what's the right word hhhmmmm, oh yes, there are lots of small stores to where I live that sells avon products and lastly, five, every month they have selected products that's on sale. One of the reason why I come to dislike their products is that the eyeshadow are so chalky and their perfumes-the scent easily fades. So, I stopped using avon products for a while. Last year, I became a makeup geek... love makeups and started to have a collection hehehe. So, where do I go for some tips and tricks on applying makeups like a PRO? Youtube of course... duh? Haha... then, I encounter this youtube gurus sisters and I like their way of teaching in applying makeup and one of their vids from Avon UK teaching about a daytime smokey eyes look. The product feature on their tutorial is the Avon true color quad in smokey eye and surprise, believe it or not, I bought one :) And my, I was impressed with their new formulation. very pigmented and soft, easy to blend. Here's the pictures.

 And here's their tutorial... I really love watching their tutorials! I learned a lot from them and hope you too!


Thank you so much for reading :)

Xoxo, peppermintcrinkles (Mary Ann)


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