Friday, July 1, 2011

Egyptian Magic - Product Review

Hi, everyone! Peppermint_crinkles here doing another product review. I've been using this product for almost two months now. Usually, that's the range of my product test just to make sure what would my skin react to all the products that I want to try, also, to give a fair enough review. Learned this product from Katie - I've mentioned her in my previous blog. She introduced this product through her "Evening skincare routine". Her youtube link is posted below, do check her out. Thanks. She's just a sweet girl. I love her channel.
I got this product through my office mate. She went to Singapore with her dad and mom for personal reason. I googled the product for previous reviews done by other people around the world jut to make sure I won't waste a single dime. Please, make Google your BFF guys. Trust me. Sure enough, I found good reviews on this product that I decided to buy one and see it for myself. So, I clicked on their main website. Oh, they do have a facebook page too! Hahaha. I clicked for their store locator and they have in singapore, good thing my office mate was there. I asked her if she could buy this product for me. Well, that's my intro on the product. Here's my review.
Disclaimer : I paid this product and I am not affiliated with this company.
Product Name : Egyptian Magic
What it is : An all-natural ingredients and multi-use moisturizer for your face and body that's good for all skin types.
Packaging/Quantity : A medium size white jar - 4oz (118 ml)
Price : Singapore $85.90

Where to buy : Amazon, Ebay, - do check out their website for the lists of their US, Canada and International dealers.
Claims of the Company :  The 100% all Natural Skin Care Cream.
            Yes, I do believe this is true. As you can see the ingredients. Also, do check out their website for testimonials.

Color/Shades : A yellow color
Fragrance : A slight smell of  wax probably because of the beeswax, royal jelly and bee pollen
Comparison : I can't think of other product that can be compared to this

Texture : A smooth, hard cream that when you rubbed it between your fingers it would melt and soften enough to become a slight creamy but the yellow color would fade becoming transparent like oil
Result after I applied : After applying egyptian magic on my face, very moisturizing. Reminds me of albolene.
Would I repurchase it? Yes, definitely!
Likes :
  •           A multi-use product. 
  •           You can use this as your moisturizer, a lotion, a lip balm. 
  •          Also, I apply this on the corner of my lips and cheeks for these are the most driest part of my face. 
  •          I also apply this on the skin around my finger nails, a perfect alternative to those hi-end nail treatments.
  •        A good healing balm for cuts and wounds - it dries and heals quickly leaving no dark spots nor lightens scars. 
  •       A good product for cracked heels as well. I've noticed for the last 2 months that I've been using this product to my cheeks, it becomes more smoother and hydrated. 
  •       Good for all skin types
  •       All natural ingredients - this is a holy, beauty grail for me. For sure!
  •      Expensive but worth the money you pay.  
  •      Not available here in the Philippines. Such a pity! 
  •     The jar, it's kind of unsanitary digging in your fingers so make sure your hands are well washed with soap and water.
There are also other people who review this product. Here's their links.

The three links are the ones who introduced me to this product :) Thank you guys!

Peppermint Crinkles' Approval : 4.5/5 

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    Keep up the good work! :) Looking forward to more reviews from you.