Monday, June 27, 2011

Albolene Moisturizing Cream - Product Review

I got this product through a friend of mine who has a friend in the US. I saw this product after watching one of my fave youtube beauty guru, Katie. Here's the link of her channel, do check her out and subscribe ok? Thanks in advance. 

Just to let you know, a lot of how I apply my makeup and knowledge about makeups came from her :) Anyways, back to my review. The first time I saw her use this product, honestly I want to try it ahead. So, I look at the internet at their website. I've searched where I can buy this but sadly, it's not available here in the Philippines. How pathetic is that? I've noticed that a lot of wonderful products are not available here, why is that so??? Hmmm, I wonder. Ok, stop blabbering. Anyways, here's my review on this product. 
Disclaimer : I paid this product and I am not affiliated with this company.

What it is : It's a cleanser or makeup remover that cleans as well as moisturize your face.
Packaging/Quantity : A big white jar - 12oz (340 g) wow, this product would definitely take me months or probably a year or two before hitting the bottom but of course, it depends on how many you use per night

Price : $ 11.99 CVS

Where to buy : but there a also other websites that can ship this product internationally but do be aware of the price of the shipping

Claims of the Company : The makeup comes off, the moisture stays in. 

            I do believe in what they claim, I've put this product on a test. At the very first contact on the skin, it quickly liquifies which is an a plus because it's easy to apply to your face without tugging your skin. Then, what I did to remove the dirt I used a clean, soft cloth and I was surprise because the makeup just comes off  even my waterproof mascara which I applied two coats come off without hurting my eyes! Now, another good news for me is that I can save a few bucks because I don't need to buy a separate eye makeup remover - would you believe?! How amazing is that? I have normal to oily combination skin type but I don't feel any irritation or redness whatsover. It's gentle so probably it's also good for dry skin too. I've also discovered that you can apply this to your body parts that's very dry. A good alternative to lotion or body butter if you don't have any. 

Color/Shades : A slightly transparent white paste like a petroleum jelly but a lighter color than pond's cold cream

Fragrance : A slight smell of petroleum jelly

Comparison : A more oily feeling like petroleum jelly but a little less creamy than the cold creams do

Texture : A smooth, creamy, jelly like if you run it between your fingers

Result after I applied : After applying albolene on my face, I felt my face so soft but still you can feel the greasy just a little because of the mineral oil and petrolateum included in the ingredients of the product; also, there's a luminousity look on my face but not too shiny.

Would I repurchase it? Yes, definitely!

Likes : A multi-use product and from the quantity - bet it would take you long before hitting the bottom. When it comes to money, it's worth your buy. Very moisturizing to the face.

Dislikes : Not available here in the Philippines. Boo!

Peppermint Crinkles' Approval : 5/5 


  1. Too bad it's not available in the Philippines! It sounds like a great product. I'm currently using Pond's Cold Cream to remove my makeup. :)

  2. yeah, that's i guess the top most problem I've encountered :) but if you have friends or relatives living in the US just ask a favor from them so you can try it. It's really good!
    What do you think of my review version? Any comments or suggestions to further improve my review outline? Thanks

  3. It's very detailed! :) Sa format maybe you could try adding spaces after each point/paragraph, and bold the "Product Name", "Price", etc. And add watermarks on your pics so no other person could steal your site's content. :)

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