Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sigma Dry 'N Shape

I got a newsletter from Sigma about their latest product. I was intrigue and said to myself that I want to try this.
It's a brush folded case where you can put your Sigma brushes collection in place, from the face brushes, eye brushes to the last - lip brush. Only one color is available and that is black. Hope they would make other colors. :) Hehehe. Then just above the single handle pouch (where the handle is placed) like a belt to the bristles which is good because it can make your brushes stay in shape, even after washing (though you don't need that because Sigma brushes are of good quality and more affordable too! I also, heard a lot of reviews) I've been starting to build up by collection of their brushes :) I have as of now, still collecting one step at a time, the E30, E40, E45. I'll post my review on them soon. Just stay tuned on my blog. For now, I don't have this new product but definitely I'm going to buy this. An added collection of Sigma Products!
So, what are you waiting for? Click on the banner and buy yourself a must-have Sigma Dry 'N Shape!


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