Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It's been a year since I became passionate about makeups and how it increases my self-esteem. One of my biggest frustration is applying makeup especially concealing my very dark circles. I must admit, I can't leave the house without applying any makeup. If it is just for a casual trip - i still would apply makeup like concealer and powder foundation and a lipstick. When I was just starting to learn new techniques in applying makeups another frustration of mine is to brighten up my under eyes. Then, later on I started to apply eyeshadows with different shades kind of playing around. I hate black and  brown shades or anything that's dark because whenever I applied them on my lids my face would end up looking as if I was punched on my both eyes (as two of my sisters would always comment and I really gets frustrated). So, where do I go to seek makeup tips? Of course, YOUTUBE! If you could see my subscriptions all of them are mostly makeup vids hahaha...Tonight, just an impromptu I kind of feel to try applying, yes, your guess is right, one of my hated shade - black eyeshadows. The time I arrived at our house, I went straight to our room and began fishing for a black shade. I took Maybelline Charcoal smokes.

As you can see, there's the black. I copied the technique of one of my fave youtube makeup guru Katie (she's such a sweet person-I love her).
Here's her channel :
We had an exchange emails these past few months. Everything I that I want to ask about makeups I emailed her and I'm thankful that she's kind and patient enough to answer all of it. :)
Every night, I would open my youtube channel checking if she had a new vid and one night, I was happy to see she posted a tutorial using the same quad!
Here's the link of her tutorial :

I watched her vid a couple of time before trying it out myself. Good thing, I do have this quad and here's the pic.

 I copied some of her basic techniques but not all.

So, what do you think? I was happy about the result. I didn't end up like I had black eyes. I blended the black shade quite, just quite easily. It can be worn for a daytime look except the black one although you can apply the black too but needs to blend out more - it's completely optional if you want to add the black or not. But if you're going to ask me, I won't be wearing this much to the office. But then again, I'm happy of the finish look.

Thank's everyone for reading my blog! Hoping you'll have a great day!


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