Wednesday, May 29, 2019

NOTD : My Late Spring Nail Polish

Spring may be long over & it’s already summer but somehow, deep inside me I still feel it’s spring season.
For me, spring means hope. All of us may have different struggles in life but let’s not forget that by the end of it all there’s hope.
In terms of color in the beauty community, whenever we hear “Spring” we eventually think of pastels. Like the NOTD that I am sharing with you today.



Zoya Leslie & Essence effect in Pixie Dust


Zoya Leslie is a light lilac, pink-y shade with green & blue shimmers but it has more green shimmers to it. To tell you frankly, I'm not a fan of the purple family shades. Everything purple. What attracted me to this shade is the green shimmers (you know how I love green) & the shifting of the shades from lilac to pink, pink to lilac - sooo pretty.


Actually, since Zoya Leslie has enough shimmers to it but not too overpowering it's enough on its own but since I love holographic shades & shimmers so might as well add Essence Pixie Dust on top.
And the result? PERFECT! This will be my go-to spring shades from now on. Unless, I found another one. *wink,wink*
What's your go-to Spring nail shade? Love to hear it.

Mary Ann

Monday, March 25, 2019

Revlon Fairy Dust Swatches

More than a year ago, Revlon launched their own holographic nail polishes. And, I've noticed that I've been into holo polishes lately so, when Revlon have their version of holo nails introduced here, I quickly went to one of my fave beauty shop.

You know me, what immediately caught my attention is the green holo.... I swoon & if it's only a food I would definitely drool. Hahaha. 

Revlon Holographic Nail Polish

Revlon Holographic Nail Polish in Fairy Dust

Fairy Dust - From the name of it. Revlon really nailed it. There's a teal holo with green and white shimmers that really makes you think of fairies. In natural light you can see the green holos but on the artificial light it shifts to teal blue. There are teals that makes you think of the sea but this one. It captures the fairy that flies around the flower bed as its fairy wings flutter, shimmers of green and white dusts drops on the flowers.

So, what do you think? Have you seen the rest of the Revlon Holographic Nail Polishes lately? Tell me what you think.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Zoya MaryAnn Swatches & Review

Autumn or Fall maybe over. Winter season to other countries maybe over. But I just can't get over to last Fall collection from Zoya. Because one of shades of the nail polish is named after my name. Hahaha. Finally! I said to myself that if ever any nail polish brand would named their nail shade after my name, I will definitely going to buy it. And, here comes Zoya. At first, I was disappointed because I thought it would a green shade and that would be PERFECT! But it turns out, a vintage-y rose shade that I also want was created which is not bad.


Zoya MaryAnn
An old rose shade with gold shimmers. Sorry, my camera didn't pick up the shimmers on artificial lighting but you can notice the slight gold shade there in the bottle.
Overall, I love the shade. If you ask me of a beautiful pink shade, an old, vintage like rose shade would be the first thing that would pop up inside my mind.

Benefit Boi-ing Concealers Swatches & Review

This may be my late wagon here but nevertheless another post. Last year Benefit cosmetics reformulated and released their concealer range and just named them Benefit Boi-ing. Whoa, what?! At first, it was not easy for me to figure out which one is which especially I've been eyeing the Benefit Erase Paste concealer which is their under eye corrector product. Benefit cosmetics price range to be honest is not on my price point so, I was glad when I browsed at had Benefit sets where certain products are in a smaller size one goodie. I saw the new Benefit Boi-ing range in a pencil shaped pouch (how cute is that?) which consists of Airbrush, Industrial Strength, Hydrating and Brightening concealers. Inside the pencil pouch inclueds also the tips and tricks and each of the concealers functions. So,k shall we jump onto the 4 kinds of Benefit Boi-ing concealers shall we?


Clockwise from Left : Brightening, Industrial Strength, Hydrating & Airbrush Concealer.


First, the Brightening Concealer. I think this is the new version of one of the most popular Benefit erase paste. Good for correcting uneven skin tones or for the blue lines under the eye.





Benefit Industrial Strength Concealer - for those who have red & swollen pimples or zits or sometimes a light redness to your skin. This will the answer for a heavier coverage.




Benefit Airbrush Concealer - a light to medium coverage perfect for facial concealment. Also, a perfect concealer for a touch up.




Benefit Hydrating Concealer - a perfect concealer for the under eye.




Here are the swatches of all the Benefit Boi-ing Concealers

Have you tried one of these Benefit Boi-ing concealers or all of them? Love to hear what you think of them.














Monday, July 23, 2018

NOTD : What I wore on my nails on my Birthday!

This may be a late post but I have been MIA these past few weeks & I'll try to challenge myself *cross fingers* to upload a post at least 2 to 3 times a week to catch up with you guys. I've miss you all. 

Last month was my birth month & usually when my birthday's approaching I painted my nails with green shades ( I don't know probably, for good luck I guess?) but this time I've decided to change it.

Oh, you're not mistaken on the shade. It is peach! I've been wanting to try a peach shade before but I just couldn't since that kind of shade isn't my thing & not my kind cup of tea. I don't know either what's been happening to me but lately I want to come out of my comfort zone. I also decided to cut my hair short, in am impulse, go check my instagram post & there you'll understand. Hahaha. 

Al-right moving on to my polish.

The peach shade that I used is from Sally Hansen in Peach of Cake. I have this for a very long time & it was just sitting inside my container box for very long time. TBH.

A beautiful corally-peach that leans more on the orange-y side than pink & it's a creme to almost matte. After I finished painting my nails, I told myself "Meh, something's missing & on my dresser something caught my eye. I noticed a beautiful shimmering polish.

That's Essence effect nail polish in Pixie Dust!

It's a holographic shimmers of pinks & silvers that instantly puts a "pop" on my nail polish. This is actually a topper & I'm in love with it!

Overall, the result is freaking amazing on my nails!

'Til next time. Xo,

Mary Ann 

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

PIXI Correction Concentrate : Swatches & Review & Comparison

As you all know, I have dark under eye circles dilemma. And for years since I started to become passionate about makeup I've been looking for a perfect correcting concealer. One of them is Pixi Correction Concentrate in brightening peach. In fact this is included in My Top Fave : Under Eye Correctors that you can read it HERE.


This is the second jar that I've bought & to tell you, I'm in loooove with it! But one thing I've noticed is they kind of revamp the packaging but I don't know if they have formulated the product. We'll see as you read this blog later on.

This is the outer packaging of the product. How I wish they just packed the product to the size of the item so just not confuse the buyer if it is in a bottle form or jar form.

At the side of the packaging, you'll see the ingredients of the product as well as the website of Pixi.


 Inside, the product is packed in a glass jar with the green cap on the "Pixi by Petra" in printed in gold shade on the center.

I've put side by side my previous pixi corrector & their latest packaging. You will see the huge difference. Gone was the cute pixie fairy silhouette which I prefer more & was replaced by just the name of the product. Sorry for the dirty cap (hihi).

Upon opening the jar, lo, & behold, love the peachy shade.


Net Weight : 3 g / 0.1 oz

I am happy to say that the shade & consistency of the concealer is still the same but the texture is more creamier.

So, have you tried PIXI Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach? You can buy it locally in all beauty stores or online.



Mary Ann

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Sleek Lipstick in Private Booth : Swatches & Review

I never have a lipstick from Sleek Makeup that when I saw there was a sale on their lipsticks at Zalora Philippines website, I didn't pause for a minute & just click the shade that I don't have from my collection. Since their eye shadow palette & their lip liners really do give me a very excellent impression that I said to myself I've got to try their lipsticks as well.

The shade I chose from their Lip VIP Lipstick is Private Booth. I love neutral shades & MLBB (my lips but better) shades. 

Sleek Makeup VIP Lipstick in Private Booth

Net Weight : 3.6 g / 0.12 oz

On their website, they have 26 shades available from the most lightest neutral shades to the darkest shades of reds. So, you have a ton of shades to choose from.

Packaging : The lipstick is encase in a plastic black square tube, at the bottom of the tube is a transparent case where you can see the shade which I like in a lipstick packaging.

SCENT : There's a slight mild rose-y vanilla scent on the lipstick.

Above is the swatch of the Private Booth on the back of my hand. It's like a neutral pinky rose shade almost like a brown neutral one. Upon applying on my skin, it's creamy but when I applied on my bare lips without any application of  lip balm or lip primer, there's a hint texture of matte-ish-ness on it where you can feel like a stopping motion or doesn't glides on easily like most of the problem in a matte lipstick I think. You need to really prepped you lips first & then, blend it with your fingers after applying it on in order to spread it evenly on your lips or use a lip brush in applying it. But I am surprise that it's very hydrating on my lips though the lines on your lips are visible. I suggest you apply a lipgloss on top to lessen the visible-ness of the lines. It lasts on my lips for 3 to 4 hours but it can be shorter because it easily transfers (example if you are drinking your cup of coffee or having a bite of your sandwich).
It says in the packaging that it's a semi-matte but for me it's actually not. It's more of a cream than a  matte but you could see shimmers too!
I compared this to one of my MAC cremesheen lipstick & honestly this one is more creamy. 

OVERALL : Sleek VIP lipstick is still a must have drugstore product. 

Have you tried their VIP lipstick range? What do you think?



Mary Ann

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