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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My Top 5 Fave : Neutral Lipsticks

There are times when we feel like wearing bold lipsticks like reds, mauve or dark purples but sometimes we want to wear pinks or sometimes corals or peach. But there are times we just want a neutral shades that tones down our bold eye looks or just to compliment or complete our nude look or sometimes when we are in a hurry - neutral shades is best to match our makeup look. Of course, we have our own views or type of neutrals aaand here are my top fave neutral lipsticks.


Neutral shades lipsticks plays a huge role in the makeup world just like the red shades. Neutral shades compliments every eye color looks or face. You can't go wrong when you apply neutral lipsticks if sometimes you don't know the color match, especially, when you try to wear bold eye looks & lips. It helps toned down your eye looks & overall look from head to toe. It also balances the shimmer or glitters that comes out from your blush, highlight or eye shadows. This also, it depends of course on the pigmentation of your natural lips, to give an oomph or MLBB (my lips but better) shade.

Rimmel Lasting Finish in Crush 

My first choice (permanent) is a shimmery peachy pick nude brown. It looks so orange-y on the tube but when you apply on the lips it turns like nude-y pink brown shade.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Blushed

Ah one of my favorite drugstore brand (permanent) is a pearly nude brown. This is for me is another of those MLBB kind of thing.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Demure

Another favorite shade from Revlon's Super Lustrous Line, this is my second tube actually, a pinky nude shade in a creme finish. I love love this shade another of MLBB thing. Lightweight but moisturizing on my lips. Definitely, will re-purchase this hahaha.

MAC Lipstick in Haute Altitude

This is according to MAC a mid-tone blue pink or simply light warm pink with blue undertone. In the picture it looks so much pink but because my lips is little bit pink so, when I applied this it tends to become warm nude pink. A great for everyday wear & it's perfect for your daily / everyday makeup look & perfect for every skin tone. Sad to say this is a limited edition. But I believe MAC Angel (permanent) is a little close but differ in finish. 

MAC Lipstick in Finally Free

A limited edition, a mid-tone rose-y nude shade in a cremesheen finish. I already did a swatch & review in this POST.

Swatches (from left to right) I shot this during at night & using an artificial lighting & my camera didn't do much justice on the shade. Rimmel Crush, Revlon Blushed & Demure, MAC Haute Altitude & Finally Free.

So, what are your favorite neutral shade? Love to hear them from you.


Mary Ann

Thursday, March 30, 2017

My Makeup Treasure-Trove : MAC Paint Pots

It's been a long time since I posted a topic in my treasure trove, this post have been ready for quite some time & haven't uploaded it yet. So, here it is. One of my favorite multi-use product are the MAC paint pots. I have included this in My Top 3 Favorite : Multi-Use Products, you can read my post HERE. As you can see, I have grown to love MAC paint pots because it not only adds oomph to my eye shadows but I can wear them without worrying of creasing or fading & it also acts as an eye primer to me even though of my oily lids. 

My Makeup Treasure-Trove : MAC Paint Pots

I have a total of 7 paint pots & still I have more on my wishlists hahaha. 

SOFT OCHRE - A beige shade in yellow tone & in matte finish. Perfect to neutralize dark eye lids.

PAINTERLY - A nude shade with pinkish tone & a matte finish. This is a universal shade fit for every skin tone. Also a perfect shade for an everyday simple look, this can go with just a stand alone on your lids or putting an eye shadow on top.

LET ME POP - A frosted golden peach, this was a limited edition shade & kind of have a love, hate relationship with this. This is so sheer upon application & the shade disappear, it end up just glitter on your lids & it's very sticky. I usually end up applying this on top of my eye shadow by tapping it on top.

VINTAGE SELECTION - This is an old formula, I bought this a while ago. The shade is a brownish peach & a frost finish. It has a sheer application with a little shimmer on my lids.

RUBENESQUE - One of my most favorite paint pot from my treasure-trove. It's a a golden peach in a pearl finish. It gives an added oomph for your shimmer eye shadow on the lids especially on beige, pearl or champagne shades. 

ECLAIR - Oh, this is also my favorite every day use aside from the name which got my attention at first place because of its chocolate name. It can be use alone or you can put an eye shadow on top of it. A perfect for a one eye shade look & it's great for any FOTD. This is also good in balancing your makeup look, a versatile one - for day time or evening look. A light golden chocolate-y shade with a little shimmer on it & in a pearl finish. I love putting an eye shadow taupe shade on top of this like the Catrice single eye shadow in My Copperware Plate. This was released in MAC Baking Beauties Collection, a limited edition, sad to say. This is a lighter shade than MAC Quite Natural but it's a matte finish, a little similar to MAC Constructivist but a little darker & more metallic brown. It's quite similar to Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Rich Mahogany but this one was also limited edition :( Hopefully, MAC would put this in their permanent line like the Let's Skate, Vintage Selection or Dangerous Cuvee - let's cross our fingers.

NUBILE - It's a light peachy beige & in a matte finish. I think it's like an in-between with Painterly & Soft Ochre if ever they have a child hahaha. A great neutral base & a versatile too. A limited edition which is sad, released in MAC Posh Paradise Collection. I use this when I don't feel like using Painterly. 

Here are the swatches of my 7 MAC paint pots, as of now.

My wishlist : Groundwork, Quite Natural & Tailor Grey (see how I am a sucker for anything neutral or taupe?)

So, have you tried MAC paint pots? Love to hear them what you think.


Mary Ann

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sleek Highlight Palettes

For the past few years that I have into makeup, I learned a lot of techniques, strokes & other things that's all about makeup. I also learned some different looks & one of them is that glowing look & that's when highlighting comes in...
Ever since I learned about highlighting, I've been a completely obsessed with applying it hahaha. Well, that is over exaggerating but highlighting is one of the makeup products that I can't live without. 
I have a couple of highlighter & two of them are from Sleek Makeup.

Sleek Makeup Highlighting Palette
Solstice & Cleopatra's Kiss

Sleek's Highlighting Palette in Solstice 

Packaging : Solstice palette is encased in a shiny gold case

At the back of the palette are the names of the highlighters with the name of the palette too.

Solstice palette is consists of 4 shades of highlighters - 1 in creme finish & 3 in powder finishes with a brush on the side & a mirror.

  • Ecliptic is a silvery gold shade with shimmers in a satin  powder finish
  • Subsolar is a silvery white shade with shimmers in a satin powder finish
  • Hemisphere is a light pink shade with a little more glitters in a powder finish
  • Equinox is a lighit white peachy shade with glitters in a powder finish

Swatches of Solstice Highlight Palette (from left to right) Ecliptic, Hemisphere, Subsolar & Equinox

Packaging : Cleopatra's Kiss palette is encased in a shiny gold case

At the back of the palette, same as the Solstice are the names of the highlighters with the name of the palette too.

Cleopatra's Kiss palette is also consists of 4 shades of highlighters - this time 2 in creme finish & 2 in powder finish with a brush on the side & a mirror.

  • Sphinx is a gold shade with shimmers in a powder finish
  • Delta is a goldish brown shade in a creme finish
  • Dynasty is a light gold shade in a creme finish
  • Goddess is a light pinkish gold shade with tiny glitters in a powder finish

Swatches of Cleopatra's Kiss Highlight Palette (from left to right) Sphinx, Delta, Dynasty & Goddess

Below are the actual shot of the swatches of the Solstice & Cleopatra's Kiss on my cheekbones.

Overall, I love these highlighting palettes. As you can see on the swatches above (both on the back of my hand & on my cheekbones) both are made for every skin tone. The Solstice is good for those very fair to fair skin while the Cleopatra's Kiss is good for medium to dark skin. But for me personally, both can be use for every skin tone it's just a matter of technique in placing the highlight on a strategic places on your face.

Have you tried Sleek's Highlighting Palette in Solstice & Cleopatra's Kiss?

Thanks for dropping by.


Mary Ann