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My Top 5 Fave : Pink Lipsticks

Time for my Top Faves!!! As you all know, for those who have been following me have seen my previous posts but to those who are new; here are the links for my other Top Faves : Lipsticks.

     My Top Fave : Red Lipsticks
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                           Recent Fave Lipstick Shades

In this post, I must admit I have to cheat a bit. Instead of the usual My Top 3 Fave, it will be My Top 5 Fave.

I just love pink shades or am I just a sucker for pinks or what!?!?!

I don't like pink shades before because for me wearing pinks usually is a type of a person that leans more on feminine. I am a little boyish to be honest but recently some of the brands that I like introduces pink shades that I begin to like & love as it suits my skin tone. 

One of my Top Fave Pink Lipsticks is from a drugstore brand : Maybelline. I love this brand. Maybelline Colorsensational in Pink Freeze is a light shimmery pink when I applied this on my lips it's more of a neutral pink with high shimmers. It's like applying pink lipgloss which I love, love, love!

NYC lipstick in Fragile Pink. Now, I discovered this from one of my favorite Beauty Guru in youtube "The Makeup Chair" She use this shade when she did a makeup tutorial and boy, the instant I saw this I fell in love. A very subtle light pink with a frosty finish. This shade is suitable for a day makeup to night makeup. This is one of the pink shade that's a perfect match to a smokey look. And I guess this suits for every skin tone. I love wearing wearing this lipstick whenever I try new smokey looks.

NYX Lip smacking Fun colors in Paris is Barbie pink shade. Another of those pinks that is good for daytime wear or night parties. This lipstick shade is also good for a light smokey look too!

MAC Venus is a cool toned subtle pink with a little shimmer. I also considered this as a neutral pink because when applied on my lips it's like MLBB (my lips but better) shade. Great also for daytime wear or night time.

MAC Girl Next Door is a sheer blue pink with a lustre finish that can be buildable to become more opaque. I usually use this whenever I wore a very minimal makeup but to amp up a bit of my look. 

So, what are your favorite pink shades lipsticks? 

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Mary Ann

Just Some Nibbles to Chew : 
  • For the next few weeks, I'll be updating my Top Fave
  • I will tackle further about foundations

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Jordana Eye Primer Eyeshadow Base Swatches & Review

As you all know, I've been telling you in my previous posts of how oily my eyelids are & that you are probably sick of reading it over & over again hahaha. One of my concern when doing makeup (I should probably do a post of things that I can't live without or essential makeup products that I can't skip when doing morning routine) is a very good eye primer. I've done a post of my Top 3 Favorites : Eye Primer HERE but only one (1) is a drugstore item & the rest are both a little expensive & probably not in your budget range so, I kept on looking for more drugstore brand plus more affordable product. One of them, I discovered a few months back is the Jordana Eye Primer Eyeshadow Base which from the name itself tells so much. An eye primer & an eyeshadow base in one which is a plus! 

I've been eyeing this for quite sometime now but I kind of having second thoughts since, I already have my favorites, my holy grail products I must say but you know when you are a makeup addict & sometimes when you are in a tight budget situation & you run out of money to buy expensive ones that sometimes you end up buying a drugstore brand just because you need it & end up disliking it. Oh, bummer right? But you know, there are times you have to take a risk just like in life, taking risks & learning from those mistakes. Anywho, back to this. Like I've said, I've been eyeing this for quite sometime now since the day I saw this from a local mall where I go beauty shopping 😄 And I've heard so much about Jordana Cosmetics from other beauty gurus in Youtube that I want to try & test out their products. Aaaannnd one of them is their eye primer. I've also searched from other beauty bloggers that this is a good dupe for the famous MAC paint pot in Painterly. So, let's jump right in.

The product is encased in a circular black plastic case with the twisted cap is transparent with a Jordana logo printed in the center.

At the bottom of the case is the name & shade 01 (actually has only one shade available).
Net weight : 0.07 oz / 1.86 g

The shade is a skin tone shade which is not suited for all skin types. This is perfect to pale to light to medium skin tone. Upon getting the product, you need to press deeper to get some product & it's not creamy like the MAC paint pots so, I suggest you use your finger to apply the product on your lids. Though, it's not hygienic because you are using the warm of your finger to get some product so, make sure your fingers are clean before dipping into the product. When you apply on your eyelids, I suggest do a patting motion not in a swiping motion to evens out the product application. 

I've applied this on my bare eyelids meaning, no foundation, setting powder nor another eye primer & let it stay all day. After work, when I got home, like for about 8 hours later after application, I saw a complete creasing & there's nothing on my upper lids just bare. I've also tested this on & applied with eye shadows on top & by the end of the day it creases! Also, I've noticed after a few days of using, the product becomes hard & sticky that you need to rub your finger on the product in a circular motion, let the warm of your finger melts the product so that you can pick up some of it. Though, it has no scent which is good for those sensitive eyes like mine but to say it's an eye primer. I guess, to be honest, it's not earning to what it says. It can be an eye shadow base though.

Overall, I am not happy with the product. It's a miss for me. I've compared the shade to my MAC Painterly paint pot. It's exactly the same shade but it's not creamy. It creases by the end of the day with or without an eye shadow applied on top. For the price, it's good but for it's quality - I'd say more of an eye shadow base.

Well, have you tried this primer? If so, what do you think?

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Mary Ann

Disclaimer :  I bought this product with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with the said company. Everything written in my blog is in my most honest opinion & point of view. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Max Factor - Ruby Red Lipstick Swatches & Review

There is something I like to share with you about me that you might want to know. One of my favorite iconic celebrity is Marilyn Monroe. Her glamour & style never go out of style even today a lot of celebrities immortalized her looks, her glam & her movements in pictures. She got this beautiful aura that you may never cease to stare at her beauty. It's like "hindi siya nakasawang tingnan" (she doesn't look monotonously) if you get what I mean. When Max Factor introduces their Marilyn Monroe lipstick collection. I had to get one. Didn't you know that one of the many cosmetic brand that Marilyn loves is Max Factor? So, they know what she loves & wants in a makeup. The collection consists of 4 different shades fit for every skin tone. I only bought one but I'm planning to buy the rest of the collection. One of my Christmas wishlists. 

Max Factor Marilyn Ruby Red - a blue red shade that originally Marilyn Monroe loves during her time. Aaannnd it's labeled number 1! 

Packaging : Comes in rectangular tube. The color of the tube is red with the name Max Factor in one side. (Shown on the first picture) is the name of the lipstick written under or below the tube.

When you open the cap, lo & behold, the lipstick with the logo embossed on the product but this time it is housed in a black tube. The shade is comparable to the famous MAC Ruby Woo but at an affordable price with same quality.

Above is the swatch of the lipstick.

Me here wearing the lipstick.

Another me, imagining Marilyn Monroe hahaha.

The other shades are : Sunset Red, Berry Red & Cabarnet which are on my wishlists hahaha.

What about you. What lipstick from Max Factor Marilyn Monroe collection that you have?

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Mary Ann

Friday, November 18, 2016

My Go-To Cure for Chapped Lips

Whenever the weather changes or some lipstick or lip balm products that I use & ending up not what they call here "hiyang" or in english suited to my skin. I get chapped lips. You know the feeling of very sore, very red & whenever you try to stretch your lips wide  or even just smile a bit, it hurts so bad right? 

One way of avoiding of having chapped lips naturally is to drink lots & lots of water or apply lip balms or lip butters to your lips before you go to sleep. Because of us experiencing harsh weather or what if we suddenly notice we are going to be having chapped lips during in the middle of the day or when you are on the go, what will you do? Of course, we can't avoid those situations right? 

Well, I have something to share with you that I've been using for years. It's my tried & tested product. 


The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care is a very moisturizing lip products for your lips plus it has an SPF of 15. I always apply this before I apply my lipstick for the day. I experienced chapped lips during a change in the weather. I admit I am not too much of a water drinker so, when I am experiencing chapped lips, it's worse & very bad believe me. My signs before having chapped lips is that they are peeling & before I knew it - chapped! I've tried a lot of lip balms but this one is a holy grail for me. A very effective product that with just 3 to 5 applications, my lips are healed.

So, have you tried The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care? 
Do you have your holy grail lip balms?

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Mary Ann

Monday, November 7, 2016

NOTD : Sinful Colors' Prosecco

One of my favorite drugstore nail polish that I just discovered & immediately fell in love with is the brand Sinful Colors. I've heard so much about this from other nail polish lover bloggers that I've decided to take a look from their website. One that caught my attention is the Prosecco - a cloudy grey gel with tons of gold shimmer (love, love, love shimmers).

The took the picture with a flash so that you can see the gold shimmers.

Another angle shot on my nails of the nail polish so that you can see clearly the gold shimmers.

Love, love this nail polish.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Finding the Right Shade of Foundation

In previous posts, I have tackled about red lipsticks. From finding the right red shade for you which you can read in this POST to how-to rock those red lips that you can read in this POST as well as tips before rocking those red lips which you can read in this POST. Also, HERE is my post on my Top 3 Fave Red Lipsticks to give you an idea as well. Now that you have learned all about application & rocking red lips let me tackle other topics about makeup. You might already have an idea what's next that I'd like to talk to you & that's finding the right shade of foundation. Everyone of us, living in a very humid climate have a hard time dealing in finding a right foundation because a lot of us here have normal to oily skin or sometimes combination skin or oily skin. Why I say mostly oily skin? Not dry skin? It's because we always sweat & our skin releases natural oils from our body to remove toxics or dirt that got stuck in our pores which is a very advantage to us Filipinas that makes us look more younger than our age. It's like a flower pot, if you poured water everyday & let it expose to sun it will grow beautifully & gracefully. But if you just leave it there without putting water nor letting it expose to the sun, it will wither & die. Just like our skin. 
Let me ask you, have you experienced applying your foundation & before the day ends you'll see patches or sometimes your foundation wears off? Let me tell you, it's because of the foundation. 
WHAT?!!?? You might say? Well, foundation have different forms or kinds. There are liquids, creams, stick foundations & now, there's this mousse type. 

LIQUIDS - you found this packed in bottle packaging whether in an open bottle or with pumped form like the Revlon Colorstay or ELF foundation or the Loreal True Match foundation. This is the most common form of foundation. This is a runny formula.

CREAMS - you see this in a glass jar like the Revlon whipped creme or the Maybelline creme foundation or sometimes packed in tubes. Comes in a thick & a little sticky like texture.

STICKS - from the word itself, it comes in a stick form like the Max Factor Pan Stick or the ELF Foundation stick or what's so in hype today the Hourglass foundation stick (the one with the triangle shaped).

MOUSSE - this comes either in a plastic bottle or glass bottle but usually with a pump for it to come out like the Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse.

Now, that you know the different types of foundation. Let's go straight on how to find the right shade of foundation for your skin tone.

SKIN TONE - how would you learn what shade, by looking the color of your veins on your wrists. If it's green you are more like warm tone meaning more of shades that are warm mostly with golden or beige shades. If it's blue veins then you are more of a cooler tone with more pink undertone in it. Like porcelain, ivory or light! Then, there's both blue & green veins which is more of neutral tone like nude, buff or neutral.

COVERAGE - there are three (3) types of coverage of a foundation. The light coverage which is a very thin, light foundation perfect for those who doesn't want heavy makeup or with no blemishes or uneven skin. The next one is the medium coverage which gives a little cover for blemishes or redness or uneven skin tone. The last one is the full coverage which gives a heavy cover on your skin, this is mostly has a thick consistency & you need a full makeup remover to remove it. This kind is usually applied for photo shoot or video shoot with very high definition cameras. This has a straight finish. It's like another skin placed on top of your skin. This is not good for everyday use especially if you are just going to office work or school. 

FINISH - or the end result that you want your face to look. There are three (3) types of finishes. First, dewy finish which has a moist appearance on your face. It's like a lot of moisturizer on your face. This is what they sometimes called "glow" finish like the looks of JLo or the Kardashians or supermodels in the Victoria's Secret Angels. Perfect for both oily & dry skin. Another, is the matte finish which a flat shade but velvety finish. There's no radiance nor light in it like Marilyn Monroe in the 50's or Madonna in the 90's but not to those with dry skin. This is mostly use for those people who have very oily skin because it absorbs oils. Remember when the weather is hot & you sweat & when you wipe off you feel sticky? It's because of the oils that your skin releases. And the last one is the satin finish which is in between of matte & dewy finish that is perfect for all skin types. This leaves your face looking soft with shimmery effect. 

Now that you know what you want in your foundation & the idea of what shade, it's time for testing. The best thing to do is choose 3 shades that you think is the closest shade of your skin then have these applied a tiny amount from your jaw to your neck. 

Take a look at the picture below. 

Now, try to blend each of them. I prefer you to use the warmth of your fingers because for it to blend well. Then, stand at a light the best is on a natural light like the sun but not under the sun! Then, look at the swatches of foundation on your face. The one the looks like the color of your skin, same color as your face & neck is the right shade foundation for you. Now, you might be wondering why when you already found your right shade that sometimes during later months your face looks darker that than rest of your skin. It's because during summer months, your skin tends to get a shade darker & during those cooler months like the "Ber" months, it's because your skin tends to get lighter or paler. I will tackle that in my later posts so, do watch out for that.

Well, that's it guys. Hope this posts helps a lot especially to those who is starting on makeup. If you have any more questions, feel free to message me on the comment below & I will get back to you or better yet do a blog post on that. 

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Monday, October 31, 2016

Catrice Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette : Swatches & Review

Neutral palettes have been a rave in recent months that both high ends and drugstore ends have their own version. When Catrice, a European makeup brand have released their version I didn't have to think twice that I have to get one for myself. 

Catrice Cosmetics in Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette contains 6 eye shadows that are encased in a sleek rectangular shaped plastic case with transparent lid to easily seen shades. It consists from light beige to bronze to dark brown in satin to shimmer finish.

At the back it has a step by step eye makeup tutorial with added tips and the description.
Net Weight : 6 g / 0.21 oz.

A closer look of the eye shadows which not only can make an everyday EOTD but also you can do an evening look too! A dual ended applicator is also included in the palette (a sponge tip applicator and a small blending brush).

Here are the swatches of each of the eye shadows in the Catrice's Absolute Nude palette. 

Overall, as you can see on the swatches above the eye shadows are pigmented though no matte finish but each shadows are very versatile perfect for an morning look to a more smokey evening look. I highly recommend for those who wants to try Catrice products. This is a perfect item especially for a first time trier for Catrice cosmetics.

So, do you have this palette? Have you tried? 

Love to hear them.


Mary Ann

Disclaimer :  I bought this product with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with the said company. Everything written in my blog is in my own honest opinion & point of view.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Physician's Formula Matte Collection Quads Swatches & Review

There are a lot of quads or palettes being introduced by different beauty brands but mostly the eye shadows consists in their palettes are mostly shimmers, satin or sometimes with glitters that only one or two or if you're lucky, 4 matte finish eye shadows. When Physician's Formula which is one of my favorite drugstore brand introduced not duo, not trio but 4 quads of matte shades take note matte... I was jumping for joy! And a plus is that a lot of the shades included can be comparable to some expensive eye shadow shades like MAC cosmetics. Oh, I would like also to add a bonus info - they are in the permanent line, isn't it amazing?!
Let's take a look at what I bought or actually, I bought all of it hahaha!

All of the quads are consists of creamy vanilla shades to light browns to deep taupe or grey tones.

All of the quads are packed in slim carton, the back PF describes their Matte collection.

At the top of the carton are the ingredients of the eye shadows were printed.

The eye shadows are neatly placed inside in a slim lilac grey sturdy plastic fit for traveling without the fuss & mess while the top cover has a window (a glass like) for you to see easily the shades that's also saves time.

It also includes a duo sided sponge tip applicator with a slim rectangular shaped mirror that your whole eye area can be seen for easy view when applying eye shadows on your lids without ever worrying of mistakenly applying of shadows.

The first quad is the Classic Nudes which consists of (starting from top left clockwise) 
     Top left - a light cool toned brown shade
     Top right - a light beige shade
     Bottom left - a milky white shade
     Bottom right - a medium brown shade

All of the 3 shades are very pigment while the white one is powdery upon swatching

A closer look at the swatches

The next quad is the Canyon Classics which consists of (starting from top left clockwise)
     Top left - a light creamy beige shade (reminds me of MAC brulee)
     Top right - a creamy white shade (like MAC vanilla but this one a slight whiter)
     Bottom left - a light mauve-y shade with purple undertone
     Bottom right - a soft medium brown shade

Both the mauve-y shade & creamy white are powdery but the latter is more powdery so be careful of the fall outs. Better tap off the excess before applying the shadow while the mauve-y shade is more forgivable & the other two are pigmented.

A closer look of the swatches

And last quad is the Quartz Quartet (you already have an idea what are the shades) which consists of (starting from the top left clockwise)
     Top left - a light purple-y cream shade
     Top right - a cream vanilla beige shade
     Bottom left - a slightly deep greyish brown shade
     Bottom right - a deep purple brown shade

This quad is what I love the most among the 3 because only one shade is powdery while the rest is pigmented though, the  right most is a little chunky & gritty.

A closer look at the swatches

Overall, I love them though not all of them are very pigmented as what drugstore have hits and misses but still most of them are very pigmented which is very hard to find in a drugstore product. They have a complete line of neutral, matte shades plus the compact is good especially or traveling or for those always on the go. For those who wants a simple, quick yet versatile look.

Have you tried Physician's Formula matte collection? What is/are your favorites?


Mary Ann

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Disclaimer : I bought these with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with the said company. Everything written in my blog is in my own honest opinion & point of view.