Friday, September 23, 2016

My Top 3 Fave : My Recent Fave Lipstick Shades

As I was de-cluttering my makeup stash one day I get to rediscovered some of the products I bought from previous releases. I was lucky to have these when I tried these on & lately been using these. 

In this post, I'll be showing you my 3 recent lipstick faves. So, here we go.

MAC Sail La Vie - A satin bright red orange shade that speaks so much of summer. I use this when I want a more bolder bright shade to wear. From the MAC Hey, Sailor Collection.

Mystical - A cremesheen rosy nude shade, I wore this when I want a subtle nude-y look. From MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection.

Yield to Love - A cremesheen rosy pink shade, this is more pinky in shade compared to Mystical. From MAC A Novel Romance Collection.

Swatches from left to right : MAC's Sail La Vie, Mystical & Yield to Love

How about you? Have you rediscovered from your makeup stash & became your recent faves? 

Thanks for dropping by!


Mary Ann

Disclaimer : I bought these with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with the said company. Everything written  in my blog is in my honest opinion & point of view.

Sleek Makeup I-Divine Palette in A New Day & All Night Long Swatches & Review

When Sleek Makeup introduced their new I-Divine palettes collection a few months ago, I can't wait to have them. Sleek products are one of the high street products in the UK & you might know from whom I learned this brand. From the Pixiwoo sisters of course (did I mentioned them often in my blog, well, get used to it hahaha - just kidding, I love the Pixiwoo sisters) Without any hesitation, I bought them online at Zalora-philippines, pressed the "buy now" button & wait impatiently for the package to be delivered. When I got them, I immediately opened & boy, I was so giddy with happiness because of the beautiful gems inside the palettes. I thought, I have another two to add to my treasure trove (grinning). 

They are the Sleek's I-Divine Palettes in "A New Day" & "All Night Long". From the looks on their carton you might already have an idea of what shades are consists in each palette.

On the back of the carton, the name of the palette & the names of each shades that's inside the palette as well as the ingredients are printed.

Sleek I-Divine palettes are packed in a sleek, black elegant looking plastic compact. The brand "Sleek" is being lightly embossed in the center of the front palette while at the back the name of the palette is printed.

Each palette of Sleek consists of 12 eyeshadows with a black dual ended sponge tip applicator. Here, the shades consists of light creams, pink to dark browns. The name of each shade though are printed on the plastic cover which is a downside so, if you want to re-create your EOTD better not lose it, a forewarning. The compact has a mirror, same size of the palette located on the lid which is good for traveling & easy carrying with a worry free mess.

Sleek I-Divine Palette in "A New Day" (left) & "All Night Long" (right)

A closer look of "A New Day" eyeshadows

A closer look of "All Night Long" eyeshadows

Eyeshadow swatches from Sleek"s I-Divine Palette "A New Day". I do apologize for I took picture of these palettes on an artificial lighting & my camera didn't do much justice in capturing the colors.

From the top row - left to right :
  • Sun is Shining - a shimmery iridescent light yellow gold 
  • Brightside -  a shimmery light rose gold shade
  • Daydreamer - a satin matte light brown (perfect for transitioning)
  • Let It Go - a matte light sepia brown shade (reminds me of a discontinued eyeshadow from MAC Uninterrupted but Sleek's lighter though it's not a dupe)
  • Don't Worry - a shimmery bronzey brown shade
  • Be Happy - a matte creamy white (reminds me of MAC Brulee - perfect for under brow highlight)
From the bottom row - left to right :
  • Feelin' Good - a satin matte white shade (almost like MAC Vanilla)
  • Silver Lining - a shimmery cool toned taupe-y shade
  • Shine On - a shimmery light gold shade
  • Carpe Diem - a matte greyish brown shade (reminds me of MAC Kid but a tinge lighter)
  • Believer - a shimmery silver white shade
  • H.A.P.P.Y - a matte dark brown

Swatches from Sleek's I-Divine Palette in "All Night Long". Shot in an artificial lighting.

From the top row - left to right :

  • Bellini - an iridescent light pink with pink shimmer
  • Negroni - a matte dark brown
  • Martini - a shimmery silver shade with glitter
  • Prosecco - a shimmery gold brown shade
  • Kir Royale - a light iridescent white with pink undertone
  • Mimosa - a shimmery bronze shade with a tinge of brown
From the bottom row - left to right :
  • Champagne - a shimmery beige shade
  • Spritz - a shimmery dark olive shade (I've seen this shade from their Storm Palette)
  • Mai Tai - a matte cream white (it's like MAC brulee)
  • Cosmopolitan - a shimmery nude brown
  • Daiquiri - a shimmery cool toned gold-ish taupe shade
  • Manhattan - a shimmery copper shade (oh my gosh! I love this shade! it's almost like the MAC cranberry but this one is more reddish & warmer, it's not completely a dupe though)
Overall, I love these palettes. The eyeshadows have a wide variation of subtle nudes - cream to dark browns. Perfect for an everyday daytime look or to a more smokey look.

So, have you seen these palettes & tried them? I highly recommend them!


Mary Ann

Disclaimer : I bought them with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with the said company. Everything written in my blog is in my honest opinion & point of view.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Essence Brit-Tea Haul + Giveaway! - CLOSED

A few months ago, Essence introduced their latest trend edition. A British inspired, you know them they have this tea time.  I have bought some of their limited edition products that I love to try & keep on my treasure trove. All of the products in this collection have a "tea" word in their names how lovely!
Here are the products that I bought.

A Green Tea for Two - a lime green creme shade. Though in some light angle it is more of a lime yellow like in this photo.

Have A Beau-Tea-Full Day - a minty green creme shade that in some angle turns a more lighter green than minty.

Pink to Go - a  baby pink creme shade which I love the most in this collection  *gasp* this shade speaks of spring & summer nail shade polish.

Then there's Tea-riffic Garden Party  which is embossed in rose petals in light white cream, light pink to summer pink. A multi-use blush compact such a lovely thing to behold because of the roses - I love roses! When tapping lightly the cream white & the light pink you can use it as a highlighter. While the darker pink as a blush or when swirled altogether it also creates another shade of pink blush.

Now as stated above. The Giveaway! I will be giving away to one (1) lucky winner the 3 nail polishes that I've featured here & the blush!
Here are some rules :

  1. The participants must be Philippine resident only is eligible. 
  2. This giveaway starts on Sept. 17 & ends on Sept. 26, 2016 (12AM).
  3. The one (1) lucky winner will be notified through your email account so login by using your email. If the winner didn't reply within 24 hours, I will choose another lucky winner.
  4. If you are below 18 years old, ask your parents if is it ok to give your mailing address in case you've won in this giveaway.
Good luck guys!


Mary Ann

NOTE :  I'll contact the winner in her email add!!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Please Let me linger longer to my fave Chocolate!

One of the things you'll learn while applying your eyeshadow is called the transition shade. Transition shade is a shade which is 1 to 2 tones darker than your normal skin tone of your eyelids. Before when I was starting venturing into makeup, I encountered difficulties finding a right shade that's 2 or less darker than my skin tone since I do have a very dark discoloration in my area or more specifically around my eyes. I also went through buying a couple of shadows thinking they are the one but after trying a couple of times they end up being piled in the corner of my makeup stash untouched & forgotten. Then, I found this little gem during the time I was makeup shopping (which by the way I love doing the most whenever I go to the mall hahaha)

The Body Shop colour crush in Chocolate linger. 

Packaging : Comes in a small transparent round compact which is good to see the shades immediately without going through opening each one by one just to look for a shade. 

Net weight : 1.5 g / 0.05 oz a little larger in size & weight compared to MAC eyeshadow which is 1.3 g / 0.04 oz

The Body Shop Colour Crush in Chocolate Linger is a light medium cool toned chocolate taupe brown.

In the pan it's a cool toned brown but when you swatched it, there's a warm toned that's emanated in the shadow though a little downside is that a little powdery so be careful of fall outs when applying it. I suggest you use a flat eyeshadow brush that has a short, stiff bristle & try to applying it by patting the shadow instead of swiping. 

A closer look at the swatch you can see clearly the powdery product.

What about you? Are you applying a transition shade? Do you have a particular shade? Love to know it.


Mary Ann

Disclaimer : I bought this with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with this company. Everything written here in my blog is in my honest opinion & point of view.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

My Top 3 Fave : Coral & Orange Lipsticks

This is the follow up for summer faves. As you all know, summer is officially over & fall season has landed. Orange & coral shade usually speaks of summer season & here are my faves. 

From Revlon's super lustrous lipstick line - Siren - an orange creme finish shade. I love wearing this during those hot days. It suits my yellow skin tone & makes it my skin more fair in complexion rather than a yellow one. I love to wear this when I want to have a bold lip during summer time without looking too harsh nor strong look.

The top of the cap is transparent (in actual - not picture) for you to take a peek of the shades of the lipstick.

The next one is also from Revlon, from their colorburst lip butter. Juicy Papaya - a light coral shade. Best to those who wants to wear just a lipbalm but a tinge of color. This one is so moisturizing, perfect when my lips tends to peel. I've been also eyeing for this for a long time eversince Revlon introduced this shade & finally, I have one.

The cap is in the color same as the lipstick shade & (not picture) the top lid is transparent as well. 

See how much I love this lip butter by the looks of lipstick hahaha. 

And lastly, from Loreal's star collection - Barely Coral - a light coral-ly shade. I love this too! It's also moisturizing & smooth upon applying on my lips. It doesn't dry my lips & doesn't emphasize the lines. In the tube it looks matte but when it applied, a satin finish.

The shade in the tube & the swatch color on the package looks the same shade which is good because it helps you identify your lipstick immediately. 

Here are the swatches side by side. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren (left), Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Juicy Papaya (middle) & Loreal Star Collection in Barely Coral (right)

What about you guys, what are your favorite orange & coral shade lipsticks?


Mary Ann

Disclaimer : I bought them with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with the said company (ies) mentioned above. Everything written in my blog is in my utmost honest opinion & point of view. 

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