Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My Top 3 Fave : Summer Scents

On my last post on my blog, I showed you my fave summer lipsticks but a teaser here, I am not yet finish with my summer lipsticks. Do watch out for that post soon. 

For now, let's talk of my summer scents. Scents which reminds me so much of summer season. You already have an idea by the looks on this picture. So, without further ado, let's get started.

The first one is from Regatta named Leisure that I bought from Zalora Ph. I've learned of this in a sample given to me by Salad Box. From the looks of this square like glass shape, you'll see the ocean, seashore! It has this very ocean citrus-scent. A mild one & so feminine that I became in love with it. 
It makes you want to relax & just close your eyes, smell the ocean breeze, hear the waves & feel the warm wind coming. Leisure - a perfect name for this perfume.

Net Weight : 50 ml / 1.69 Fl. oz.

Next is from Avon, Far Away Bella Sunset, from their Bella range, this is their summer version. Comes in a lilac colored bottled with a cute ribbon on it. This perfume smells like a light woody musk with sunset rose. Whenever I wore this perfume, I imagine I am in warm sunny forest surrounded by summer flowers.

Net Weight : 50 ml

Lastly, Escada Taj Sunset which was released in summer 2011 which sad to say it's a limited edition. Of all the summer scents that Escada released, this is the one I love the most. The scents is so light & mild. Consists of fruity summer fragrance, if you smell closely there's musk & a tinge of coconut - oh I love the smell of coconut! A sweet tropical fruit scent that reminds me island beach. I hope Escada would release this every summer because I can't imagine myself without this.

I usually wore this sparingly because I don't have a backup of this :( I nearly empty this bottle because this is my go-to summer scent! 

Net Weight : 100 ml / 3.3 Fl. oz.

You can still buy this online but do be aware of unreasonable high price since this is a limited edition release though.

So, what are your summer scents? 

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Mary Ann

Disclaimer : I bought these with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with the company (ies). Everything written in this post is in my utmost honest opinion & point of view.

My Top 3 Fave : Summer Lipsticks

It's been raining during these past few days & by the sounds of that summer days are over. But before the official summer season is over I would like to show you my Top 3 Fave summer lipsticks that I've been using during summer seasons. I do have a lot of summer lipsticks on my treasure trove but I have to admit I did have a hard time choosing my tops because during summer I don't stick to one shade but quite a few hehee. 

Okay, let's start off for my first fave, MAC Cut a Caper (a mid-tone peach pink), this is a limited edition one that was introduced in "Heavenly Creatures Collection" but this was also introduced in their previous collection.

I've been using this lipstick lately & seeing what's left is saying something hahaha. When applied on my lips it's more of a peachy tone than a peachy pink though in the tube it's more of a pink.

The next fave summer lipstick is "Watch me Simmer" (bright pink-orange) though in different angle it changes shade sometimes more of a pink sometimes more of an orange but on this picture it leans more of a pink with orange undertone. This is from the MAC Cook MAC, Shop MAC collection by the way.

When applied on my lips, it tends to be more of a nude-y pink but sometimes there's a tinge of orange to it.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Top 3 Fave : Under Eye Corrector

I am saying this & I am saying this again. I have dark circles problem & before I thought just applying an ordinary concealer is enough but I was wrong. It always end up sinking into fine lines or being very cake-y after setting it with powder or worse having a raccoon eye which ugh... doesn't look good. When I learned about applying corrector, I thought it would just be the same result like before but boy, I was wrong. I got a brighter complexion as if I had a wonderful beauty rest!  
Here are my Top 3 Fave Corrector - all drugstore! Which I have done each one of them a blog post. Just click the name of the corrector.

All of the 3 correctors have the same peachy shade but the SkinFood leans more lighter undertone. While Pixi & City Color leans more peachy shade but City Color is a slight bit darker.

Do watch out for more of my Top Fave :) Thank you for reading my post.


Mary Ann

Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach Swatches & Review

For all of you who have been following my blog posts must be aware that I've been talking about correctors probably because one of my problem are my dark circles. One of the correctors I've been talking about is the Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach. Peachy color corrector is a perfect shade to counteract blue circles. 

Packaging ; It comes in a small glassy jar with a green plastic with a cute pixie fairy shape.

As you can see there's a deep dent on it, been using this a lot. I pre-order this from a seller that bought straight from the US that's why I've been using this sparingly but I was glad that now it's available here. Now, I don't have to worry if I have hit pan on this *so happy*

Net Weight : 3 g / 0.1 oz.

Overall : This is a good peachy corrector though need to apply it little by little with its thick cream. This shade is good for every skin tone, once I applied it, I found a great brightening result on my dark under eyes. 

Have you tried this corrector? What do you think?

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Peppermint Crinkles' Approval : 5/5


Mary Ann

You can buy Pixi products here from Glamourbox PH

Disclaimer : I bought this product with my own money. I am not paid, influenced or affiliated with this company. Everything written in my post is in my own honest opinion & point of view.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

SkinFood Salmon Brightening Eye Cream Review

Corrector plays a major part in the steps of doing makeup because, from the word, it corrects the uneven skin tone of an individual. It cancels out discoloration in your face that depends on what color you want to cancel out. There are a lot of beauty brands that sells corrector concealers one of them (which is one of my wishlist) that started it all is the Bobbi Brown Corrector. But I must admit, I am one of those person which doesn't want to spend much money just to buy a concealer, it's not yet on my price point. Thankfully, there are other drugstore brands that sells their own version of correctors & one of them is SkinFood which is a Korean brand that is available pretty much in every malls here in the Philippines. 
Before I bought this, I Googled for reviews & swatches & most reviews said that this is an alternative to Pixi Correction Concentrate corrector that is not yet available here that I was itching to buy during that time. 

Packaging : It comes in a small glass like jar with a gold color lid.

The shade leans more of a lighter peach. I did a comparison with Pixi Correction Concentrate, you can check my swatches of the two in this post.

Overall, I love this product. It's creamy & the right shade for my skintone & I believe to all skintone. Thick enough but not too thick to sink into fine lines. A little goes a long way with this product. 

So, did you try this corrector? What do you think?

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Mary Ann

Peppermint Crinkles' Approval : 4.5 / 5

Disclaimer : I bought this product with my own money. I am not paid, influenced nor affiliated with this company. Everything written in my blog is in my utmost honest opinion & point of view. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Top 3 Favorite : Too Faced

A lot of cosmetic brands came out with their own products. When it comes to makeup brands, Too Faced would came in my mind & with their wide variety of products they have, I've tried a couple & became in love with it instantly. Though, I have come to love a lot of their products & would love to show them to you but alas, I have to choose My Top 3 Fave.

The first one is their eye primer, Shadow Insurance, my very first eye primer that I used since I started into makeup. I love the packaging to prevent mess & getting dry easily. Also, hygienic & I love the staying power. A little goes a long, long way with this. 

The second one that I love are their palettes. They range from neutral to bright to summer shades that is good for an everyday wear or for any occasion. And when they introduced their chocolate palette, boy, I told myself to snatch one of those hahaha. Love the cocoa powder scent & their shades as well. I have a blog post of all my Too Faced palettes here , here , here & here . 

And finally, in connection with chocolate - Chocolate Soleil in Milk Chocolate which is the lightest shade. Love the scent of, of course, obviously chocolates yum! If it weren't in a cute chocolate compact I would have eaten it all in a few bites hahaha!

There have you it guys. What about you? Have you tried Too Faced products? What are your top 3 fave? 

I'll keep you posted for my next "My Top 3 Fave." 

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dupes Galore : Pixi vs Skinfood

Hi, Beauty Gurlz! Here's another post on dupes between two under eye correctors. If you have been following my blog posts you'll see that the two products that I am discussing here are also in my top 3 Fave eye correctors hahaha.

Pixi correction concentrate in brightening peach is one of a drugstore eye corrector product that's been a hype in the States & can be bought at Target. Though it's a little pricey for a drugstore product but still a lot cheaper & affordable compared to high end peachy corrector. It has a very peachy shade that really upon applying on your dark under eye it knocks out those blue veins. 

The Skinfood Salmon Dark Circle is also peachy under eye corrector that's available in the Asian countries. From the word "salmon" you might already have an idea that this is no ordinary concealer but a color corrector concealer that also deals with dark under eye circle. If you searched on google, a lot of bloggers say that this is a dupe for the Pixi corrector - since this is not available before. 

On the swatches above you will see them side by side. On the left side is the Skinfood Salmon concealer which is more yellow undertone while on the right is the Pixi corrector which is more of an orange undertone.  But if you look at them separately, both of them have this peachy-ness shades but on side by side you will see closely.

So, there you have it guys. Hope my blog post helps.

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Look what I got from BeautyMNL Haul - Dewy Tree

A while go I bought online from BeautyMNL the Celeteque Acne Clearing Concealer which I have done a review when it was on sale for I heard about it & wanted to try it out. Which it also kind of reminds me of Maybelline acne concealer that was being discontinued long ago & not available here as well. It got me curious so I bought it & when the package came they also gave me some freebies which I love! One of them is this snail cream that's been a hype to those skincare conscious like me (guilty to that hahaha). 

The consistency is smooth & a little sticky but not too creamy nor thick which it easily absorbs to skin. Upon applying, it melts into a liquidy form that leaves a dewy finish.

Overall, I love this cream. Great for being a moisturizer before you apply your primer & foundation. It leaves a dewy finish glow to your face. Definitely when I finish this small jar, I'll buy the original size jar.

What about you? Have you tried Dewy Tree Ultra Vitalizing Snail Cream?


Mary Ann

Loreal Cupa Joe Swatches & Review

There are a lot of palettes & quads being introduced both by high end & drugstore brands. One of the drugstore brands that I love & introduced quads is Loreal. I was happy because she introduced a quad that have mostly matte shades. So excited to have one. Upon seeing the quad I immediately knew this is perfect for transition or crease shades. 

Packaging : The shadows are placed beautifully in a plastic compact with a transparent lid where you can see the shades & surrounding the lid a gold painted sides.

Net Weight : 0.17 oz. / 4.8 g.
At the back there's a simple tutorial in applying the shades on your lids but you can mix match the shades upon your own taste.

The lid is flipped open, it's a little sturdy enough for traveling.

This is the closer look at the shades. From the top to the third are shades ranging from the lightest brown to darkest taupey shades while the bottom is a satiny white shade.

The quad is also included with a double ended doe foot applicator perfect for packing up color on your lids.

The first 3 shades are more on satiny to matte-ish shades which is perfect for an everyday look both from teens to mature skin. While the white shade is a satiny shimmer one perfect for a highlight or a lid color.

The 3 brown shades are pigmented while the white shade is more powdery & so sheer. Here, I did swatch more for it to show up but nevertheless it's forgivable. I have done a tutorial using this quad too! 

Overall, I love this quad, love the shades & definitely I'll recommend this to my friends.

How about you? Do have Loreal Cupa Joe Quad?

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